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by DV_Raiton at 12:06 AM
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Hello tributes,

As you may have heard lately, exciting changes lie on the horizon for the MCGamer community. Today we are releasing the public beta test for our V2 update.

You will be able to access the beta network using preview.mcgamer.net. Our live network will not be affected in any way during this test, so if you wish to continue playing on the live network, you will have no trouble in doing so.

Before playing on the MCGamer V2 Beta Network, please be aware of a few things:
  • All MCGamer rules will still apply, and the test network will certainly be moderated. Any punishments administered on the beta network will be carried over to the live network.
  • Any stats you accrue playing games on the test network will not be retained nor carry over to the live network. At times, there may also be purchasable/unlockable content that is afforded to players on the test network in order to better assist us in testing these features; in no...
by ChadTheDJ at 2:38 PM
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Watch now on our YouTube channel: Video Link

(Featuring Graser10 and releasing in 2 weeks)​
by Dave at 1:49 PM
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Hello Tributes,

Today, we are proud to announce our most recent mapping contest:

The MCGamer Quarter-Quell Map Contest!

About the Contest:

As in the game itself, teams must compete against one another in order to triumph in the competition. But other than that, how you approach the contest is up to you.

The contest begins on (4th October 2014) and will be active until 11:59 PM (GMT) on (25th October 2014). During those (14) (no more, no less) days, the build teams must build their map submission. Good style and form will win over sightseers, but good gameplay and structure is needed to win over players. The best maps must blend both form and function together if it is to have any chance of winning; every map must play as well as it looks.

All contest submissions must be posted...
by subv3rsion at 7:29 PM
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Hey tributes,

We'll be performing a maintenance in about an hour (10:30PM CDT / 8:30PM PDT) to migrate the website to a new server, freeing up some resources for us to use.
This maintenance should take no more than 15 - 30 minutes, as we're currently in the process of completing the migration -- all we have to do is "flip a switch."

As always, if you notice any problems after the maintenance is complete, give us a shout!

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