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by DV_Raiton at 2:55 AM
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Hello Tributes,

December is here, and with it we have a few fun updates that have been released, as well as a few major updates that are in development and slated for release later this month.

MCGamer Credits & Shop

Today we've released our in-game store, where you can purchase various cosmetic items and effects using a new server-wide currency called MCGamer Credits. These credits are currently available through our server store, at shop.mcgamer.net. Over the coming weeks, we will also be adding various ways to earn credits while you play on the network— one of these ways to look out for is through network achievements!

By right clicking with the golden ingot in your hot bar in any hub you will be able to access the credits shop. Hovering over the gold block will show you how many credits you have, whilst the redstone...
by Scott at 3:59 PM
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Hello tributes!

Week 7 has been another great week for the group, but some of the crew and I are ready for a small break. As many people have holidays and exams are coming up, we are going to be taking a 3-5 week break; however, don't worry because staff will still continue to ban hackers in their own times.

How will people who participated be rewarded? Currently, forums metals are being given out to those who assisted in making more than 5 bans. Those who showed exemplary activity in the Cleansweep are receiving a golden forums metal. If you feel you deserved the metal and didn't receive it, please DM Col_StaR, AlpakaWhacker, and I and we will look into it. We are still looking for more ways to reward people, though.

In the future, when Cleansweeps resume, we will still be looking into better and more efficient ways/times to catch hackers. If you have any suggestions or ideas, feel free to DM me, Jamie, or Col_StaR. We appreciate these suggestions and will look into them through...
by ChadTheDJ at 11:24 AM
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Hello Tributes and Stats Fanatics,

It has been over two weeks since the launch of MCGamer V2, one of the largest updates in this network’s history. Things were rocky at the start, but everyone has been diligently working to fix every bug, glitch, and error that we can find. Thing are stabilizing and the network is returning back to business as usual, thanks to the efforts of the Developers, staff, and players alike.

Because of this, the Developers and I are finally able to turn our attention to the delayed-but-highly-anticipated Global Leaderboards Update. New stats to track, new leaderboards to monitor, and new update scripts will breathe new life into our current leaderboard system.

What Is the Global Leaderboard Update?

Our current Leaderboards are a centerpiece of the MCSG gametypes, but they haven’t been updated since the first release of MCSG years ago. The Global Leaderboard will change that by bringing out Leaderboard systems to modern standards and offering a...

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