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by CAm at 3:31 PM
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Edit: ~Competition OVER!~

So it took a long time to read through all the responses, and it was an excellent time as several of the
stories were extremely interesting, and a riveting read. So, as one could imagine it was very difficult to pick *one* winner. So, at the beginning of this competition, the grand prize was a single platinum donor. Due to the overwhelming amount of quality responses, and the difficulty to choose just one, the anti has been upped to the first place winner receiving a single lifetime platinum donor, and the second and third place people will receive a diamond lifetime donor. So, this competition was based on the quality of the writing, and how well it could hold a users attention along with all the things for mentioned. So its my pleasure to be announcing the top three winners of this competition.

So, coming in at first place was duckluv321 with their story entitled at "One Click". I found this concept...​
by ChadTheDJ at 12:57 PM
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Time to take advantage of our largest sale yet! 25% off everything.

Hurry, sale ends July 14th! http://shop.mcgamer.net

Giveaway for this weekend only (up to 10 Platinum ranks): http://contest.mcgamer.info
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Hello Tributes! This thread will be a small informative piece on the map updates that have shown up or will be showing up over the next few days.

This month we wanted to focus on some community favourites and addressing some community issues by removing three problematic maps.

Added maps:

Zone 85 (24)
Haruka (24)
Dracarys (24, 48, 120)​


Removed maps:

Memory of Earth​

We’re looking to hold more public map meetings, one being shortly after this update! So we’re going to select a time and invite you guys in to vocally pitch maps to us, talk about maps...
by ChadTheDJ at 12:08 PM
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Long overdue, but Quarter Quell was next on our list to release new map! Thanks to Red Forest, we now have another map to choose from the original Catching Fire map called Drifting Shores. However, we will not stop just with 2 maps! MCGamer will be hosting a Map making competition for Quarter Quell soon! Before rushing off to your build servers, please note that we will need to finalize a list of build requirements needed to make your map compatible with our network. Check back for details later in the week. Have fun and may the odds be never in your favor! ;)

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