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by subv3rsion at 7:29 PM
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Hey tributes,

We'll be performing a maintenance in about an hour (10:30PM CDT / 8:30PM PDT) to migrate the website to a new server, freeing up some resources for us to use.
This maintenance should take no more than 15 - 30 minutes, as we're currently in the process of completing the migration -- all we have to do is "flip a switch."

As always, if you notice any problems after the maintenance is complete, give us a shout!
by DracoHD at 1:19 PM
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Hello everyone!
As you might have noticed, this issue has a new, revamped style.
An eye-catching, clean structure has completely changed the CEP's format. New headings, fonts and detailed graphics, as well as a a video series, are some of the features the Current Events Staff has to offer.

Be sure to check the CEP Team when you scroll down, as these staff members have worked very hard these weeks, getting the new Publication this new, modern style.

Any feedback is appreciated. Make sure to vote that poll!
Without more waiting, here it is:

by Col_StaR at 3:52 PM
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Quick Update! Chad has scheduled a Leaderboards Reset Discussion Q&A for October 4th at 3:00 PM PST, and is expected to last for two hours. It will likely take the place of the Staff Q&A, but if we have time left over, we'll do Staff Q&A stuff too.
Time and Date scheduler: LINK.

Hello Tributes,

There are some exciting things on the horizon for MCGamer, such as a very big update that is planned to be released quite soon. While we won't spoil the surprise of what's in store, we will freely admit that this update will bring quite a few suggestions and features that you all have been clamoring for.

But now we find ourselves in a position that we must ask you, the community, for your input.

Poll Information

Poll Question:
"Assuming your old statistics would be saved on a separate "Legacy Leaderboards" page,...
by Devin at 4:34 PM
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Hello all,

As a precautionary measure, we had to take down our website temporarily to protect ourselves from a malicious attack attempt. The good news: nothing was compromised, and the attack was localized to our moderation staff. Because of that, we were able to quickly contain the attack. Nothing was lost due to this attack, and everything is back to normal.

Just a reminder: do not give out your password to anybody. When you log in, be sure that you're on one of our sites: minecraftsurvivalgames.com, mcgamer.net, or for staff, manage.xime.io.

As a further security precaution, we've implemented optional two-factor authentication on the forums. You aren't forced to enable it, but if you choose to, you'll be required to use the Google Authenticator app on your phone while logging in to verify that it's you. To enable two-factor authentication, please click here to go to the two-factor settings...

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