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by DV_Raiton at 11:13 AM
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Hello Tributes,

We are excited to see all of you taking a part of our new community update! The Developers have been very busy monitoring, fixing, and updating the servers today to ensure that many unintended issues that had popped up were resolved.

We have more server updates and another slew of bug fixes to share with you all. We would also like to take this opportunity to address the most major concerns that we have noticed you have had.

Server Transportation & Commands
In order to remain competitive with other large networks, MCGamer V2 brought an array of necessary updates and features to the MCGamer Network. Many of these are improvements to our server infrastructure, improvements and tweaks that work under the hood to make everything run more efficiently.

However, we have made a series of new commands and other utilities that will make traversing our network much easier. Some of the commands are identical to the ones you were using before, and some of them...
by ChadTheDJ at 4:48 AM
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Our devs did an amazing job last night working hard getting everything online but now it's the community's turn to help out! Obviously for any update as big as this, we expect some new bugs/issues the first day and need your help reporting them to us to fix. These interruptions will be temporary and our goal is to get everything stable and 100% by the weekend. We have an issue tracker here for known issues/bugs if you want to help us report or see what issues we are working on:


Thanks for hanging in there and helping us get to 100% after this major update.

Update: Some players are confused if we changed our MCSG gametype. This is false as we modified how to get into a game rather than the game itself. Only thing we changed was any new network features we added and new maps to the gametype. Voting was modified to not be raffle anymore based on popular demand.

Update 2: Somehow the MCSG servers...
by ChadTheDJ at 9:40 AM
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Hello MCGamers!

If you had previously read this thread about what is going to happen today, I wanted to clarify on timings and things that have been changed/delayed.

Today all servers on the entirety of the MCGamer Network will be taken offline at 4:30PM US Central Standard Time (2:30 PM PST / 5:30 PM EST / 10:30 PM GMT (UK time) / 6:30 AM AWST/HKT / 9:30 AM AEDT) to begin the v2 update which is on schedule. This update could take up to 6 hours to complete (possibly longer if issues are encountered) with random network restarts after. However our leaderboard update is going to be delayed for a few days or up to week for the following reasons:
  • We want to be sure there are no game breaking bugs where your stats don't get counted.
  • Our system hasn't had a full-scale test in full production yet, so we would rather wait to be sure it works 100%.
by LadyOfLove at 5:32 AM
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Hello tributes!

This is a thread all about the map updates coming out with our Xime v2 update on the 12th of November! We figured maps may need their own thread as there's quite a lot of information, so without further adieu lets hop to it!

Starting off I'd like to write a little piece here about our beloved former admin Dave who recently stepped down. Dave spearheaded most of the map work over the last 2 years and changed MCGamer and the map team for the better - so this is a huge thank you to him! We hope he does well with his future endeavors and continues to contribute amazing maps through Team Elite. Make sure to say hey if you see him around as a VIP!

Next, removals. This round we say goodbye to the following maps on SG!​
  • Eye of Horus
  • Enchanted Forest
  • Excavation Zero
  • Ancient Japan
  • Hub Games
Make sure to play them one last time before...​

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