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Minecraft Survival Games (MCSG™)

by Col_StaR at 9:45 AM
(1,990 Views / 17 Likes)

Hey folks,

We've got some news from Mojang regarding a potential security flaw with their system which they are now working to fix. However, your account's information may have already been compromised, and that log-in information may be available for malicious users to access.

As such, it is strongly advised that you change your password for your Minecraft/Mojang account.

Edit by kpwn243:

If you want to read more about this recent issue go here http://heartbleed.com

Edit StaR:
For more information, check out this thread here: http://www.minecraftsurvivalgames.c...tes-ahead-heart-bleed-bug.96151/#post-1136786
by subv3rsion at 8:42 PM
(522 Views / 0 Likes)
Hey Tributes!

Apologies for the short notice, but the US network will be encountering some downtime over the next couple of hours while we (being CubedHost) alter our network and infrastructure.
This maintenance will begin around 9PM MST or PDT/11PM CDT/12AM EDT (about 20 minutes from this post).

We will update this post once everything is back online.
by Col_StaR at 2:59 PM
(741 Views / 16 Likes)
Read the latest issue of the MCGamer CEP right here!

Still no solutions for mobile users.
by Devin at 9:05 PM
(5,909 Views / 75 Likes)

Hello all!

We've made a few updates tonight. Some of these updates have taken effect right away, but some others will activate at midnight CDT tonight (about an hour from this post).

Quick Join
Introducing an easier way to join servers! If you want to just join a server, but you don't really care about which server, you'll notice new Quick Join signs in the the server area of the hub. Just right-click a quick join sign for the slot size you want to join, and you'll automatically be joined to a random server of that slot size - magic!

A ... fishy update?
After hearing out some community suggestions to add more food into our chests, we decided to add more food in the best form possible. Introducing swordfish! All swords you can find in chests or craft will now automatically turn into a different form of fish, allowing you to eat your sword if...

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