Minecraft Survival Games (MCSG™)

by ChadTheDJ at 9:48 PM
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Only 24,755 games away until our 4 millionth game giveaway! :D

(at least should happen based on past stats on our weekend statistics)
by ChadTheDJ at 1:12 PM
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Seems there was an issue this morning that was causing players to be dropped randomly or not able to connect to any server. As of now after looking into this, we seem to have solve the issue temporarily that started today. However, please report any instabilities here if you are still experiencing issues connecting/playing! We have a patch coming out soon to address log in issues throughout the entire network that should hopefully take effect by next week.
by ChadTheDJ at 3:33 PM
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Feels like we just celebrated the last giveaway at 3 million? Well we are now 75,763 games away until our 4 millionth game milestone! If you remember, we give the winners of that game a lifetime rank plus the participants an iron premium upgrade (or extend the current upgrades if they already have it). We cannot estimate when this game will be played, but it could happen sometime between Thursday to Sunday at the latest. We will announce the winners here once the game has been completed! Want some hints when the game is about to be played? We will be tweeting as the game gets closer on our twitter account:

by ChadTheDJ at 9:04 PM
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For anyone considering VIP on MCGamer, we made this process smoother for both sides. Email was really not working out and I was just flooded with requests to the point I was loosing progress on people's statuses. Now, the new system is a 1 step application and responses will be faster! Also to address the issue we had in the past, we now require verification of ownership . If you have a high following on YouTube and play on our servers, please apply for a VIP rank here:


If there are some people who has a high following and haven't applied for VIP, please do so within a week to be possibly included in our exclusive Catching Fire VIP game before it's released to the public!

This is YouTube VIP only, you will need to contact your map creator to have him talk to Dave for VIPs relating to maps.

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