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by Devin at 7:24 PM
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We've made quite a few updates tonight to our network in general (but mostly pertaining to the EU and AU networks).

Return of the Server States with Direct Connect
This update made its way to our US hub network a few weeks ago, and we're pleased to announce that it's now live on our EU and AU networks as well! For those of you that prefer direct connect over using the hub, this means that your server list will once again show the game states when directly connecting to a server (such as eu1.mcsg.in).

Return of Achievements and Polls
We've made some optimizations to our system tonight, and from what we were seeing, it was safe for us to re-enable achievements and polls. You can now once again vote on polls and earn achievements.

MOAR Europe servers!
We've added 50 more EU MCSG servers to better handle the peak capacity, bringing the total to a sweet 150 servers! You can find most of these servers downstairs in the European hub lobby. Direct...
by kpwn243 at 1:08 PM
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Mojang's session servers are down once again. Please check http://help.mojang.com for up to date info on the downtime.

Edit 1: The session servers seem to be on a roller coaster as they keep going up and down.

Edit 2: The servers appear to be online but we will keep our eye on the servers

Edit 3: The servers have been online for a good while now. Seems that we are in the all clear :)
by Devin at 11:11 AM
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Hi guys,

I'm sure you've noticed by now that the forum theme is a lot lighter and, well, different.
This is a theme we've had around for a while, and that several people (including myself) have been using, however it hasn't been the default theme.
The reason why it is the default theme now is because of some breaking bugs with the XenForo 1.2 update and our main, dark theme (including being unable to login and the text editor not working properly). Rest assured, we are working on fixing these bugs (as well as making the automatic mobile site work again), but for now, this theme has been made default.

If you'd rather use the old theme anyways and suffer through any bugs that may exist at the time, just click "Minecraft Survival Games" in the bottom-left corner of your screen to bring up the theme selector, then click "Flexile Dark - Green".
by subv3rsion at 12:56 PM
(1,761 Views / 10 Likes)
Hey guys,

As you could probably tell, some of the styles on the forums look fairly, well, ugly right now. That's the only thing left from the upgrade that's taking some time to update. However the forums are functional and work as intended at least.

We'll be doing work over the next 6-12 hours to prettify the forums, but at least it's all back online again.

Let us know if you notice anything majorly wrong with the forums since the upgrade.

UPDATE: The lighter "Minecraft Survival Games" theme has been made as default right now due to the bugs with our darker theme. If you would still like to use the darker theme, just select "Flexile Dark - Green" from the theme selector at the bottom of each page; however, just as a forewarning, a lot of things will be broken. -Forairan

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