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by Antster360 at 1:52 PM
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Hi Guys,

We will be upgrading our US network throughout the day and will be possibly multiple small downtimes. Please be patient with us while we update the network.

- The Administration
by ChadTheDJ at 10:30 PM
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Just in case you didn't see the events calender, we are doing an impromptu livestream tomorrow with the staff and I playing MCSG! Hope to see you there:


Had lots of fun as always! Sorry for the bad start but luckily the connection was better after tethering for a bit. That hilarious data usage... and....#ChadCAM!

Also the developers @subv3rsion, @Forairan and @kpwn243 (maybe KP if he can be there) will hold a Q&A session tomorrow at 5PDT (8EST) on our teamspeak to answer questions about MCSG development. Just in case you don't know, our TS IP is:

ts.mcsg.in (or ts.mcgamer.net)

3 hours of talking! Thank you for all of the questions and hope the devs answered your questions about the future of MCSG and this...
by Devin at 7:24 PM
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We've made quite a few updates tonight to our network in general (but mostly pertaining to the EU and AU networks).

Return of the Server States with Direct Connect
This update made its way to our US hub network a few weeks ago, and we're pleased to announce that it's now live on our EU and AU networks as well! For those of you that prefer direct connect over using the hub, this means that your server list will once again show the game states when directly connecting to a server (such as eu1.mcsg.in).

Return of Achievements and Polls
We've made some optimizations to our system tonight, and from what we were seeing, it was safe for us to re-enable achievements and polls. You can now once again vote on polls and earn achievements.

MOAR Europe servers!
We've added 50 more EU MCSG servers to better handle the peak capacity, bringing the total to a sweet 150 servers! You can find most of these servers downstairs in the European hub lobby. Direct...
by kpwn243 at 1:08 PM
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Mojang's session servers are down once again. Please check http://help.mojang.com for up to date info on the downtime.

Edit 1: The session servers seem to be on a roller coaster as they keep going up and down.

Edit 2: The servers appear to be online but we will keep our eye on the servers

Edit 3: The servers have been online for a good while now. Seems that we are in the all clear :)

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