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by ChadTheDJ at 8:36 PM
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About an hour ago, our US network started acting up and causing a large amount of players to drop connection to the game. We are aware of the issue and currently fixing as we speak. We will post when everything is back to normal here.

Back up! All is good!
by ChadTheDJ at 1:13 PM
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So way back when, MCSG added the feature where the servers restart after each game. Since then, our code has been optimized enough so that the server can just clean up after each round, but we will kept the player kicking. We realized that having this features helps a larger flow of players get into a game instead of constantly seeing server is full messages.

Now I would like to ask for your pros and cons opinions! Should be revert this back to the old ways where people at the end of each game will be spawned into the server lobby instead of returning to the hub (or kicked on locations like Canada and Asia). What are your thoughts?
by ChadTheDJ at 3:15 PM
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Hello MCSG'ers, just wanted to make sure you are aware tomorrow I will be doing a livestream on my channel streaming HG6. More information on times here:


The stream will take place on my twitch account and see you all there! After the games are over (if we have time), we will be server hopping playing MCSG.

See you all tomorrow!

Had fun today! Next livestream will maybe be next week.
by Devin at 6:13 AM
(2,599 Views / 21 Likes)
Hey guys!

We know your #1 complaint with the hub has been that in the built-in Minecraft server list, game statuses are no longer displayed. Good news!
Thanks to a new Minecraft feature, we're actually able to restore these gamestates to the server list for direct connecting users.

A maintenance will be done sometime tonight to correct this and restore this functionality.
Short post, but I think it was worth it for this announcement :p

UPDATE: The update has been delayed until 8/3 to allow for further testing.

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