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MCGamer as of today will start requiring billing address with your order for any upgrades and purchases. MCGamer will not be sharing any of your personal information and this only is used in communication to the payment gateways like PayPal to verify you are indeed the owner of the account or credit/debit cards.

Lastly, if you magically got a free rank from the "Upgrade Fairy" that you didn't knowingly purchase or from a "fan", please contact support email immediately at [email protected] because it could be someone trying to get you "banned" for reversing the order or upgrading you with a stolen credit/debit card. Also if you won an Upgraded Rank from a giveaway, please make sure you trust the source as usually 2/3 times, the orders get reversed and they are just doing it for a show to get more subscribers or followers. Please report these people to us and we will remove them from our system. If you want to keep the rank that was gifted to you or magically appeared...
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So news has been slow as there has been a lot going on behind the scenes. Our developers and map makers have been working hard getting everything perfect for the release of our new map and game-style! The map is about 95% done and the plugin progress about 40% completed. We know that everyone is very anxious but we want to make sure this map and game will be perfect at the start upon release! Very soon, we will be doing an exclusive test game with our VIPs in the community to get their feedback (possibly will be livestreamed). Once that happens, we will be very close on releasing this to the public! Hang in there, we are getting closer. Keep an eye on our twitter or facebook account as we been leaking pictures for the past few weeks (also giving away lifetime ranks as well!).

We haven't forgotten our "main" MCSG and new maps...
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(Update: Another twitter lifetime giveaway located here: https://twitter.com/mcsgservers/status/407984131813822464)


(Release date TBA)​
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Update: Want to enter our lifetime giveaway? Details here https://twitter.com/mcsgservers/status/406524445797261312


Hello MCGamers! Today only we are hosting a 1 day sale for any rank upgrades at 20% off the original pricing! Here are the current prices with this sale (click the links to visit the store on what rank you would want):

Hurry as offer will expire November 29th 12:00am PST!

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