Minecraft Survival Games (MCSG™)

by subv3rsion at 9:39 AM
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Hey tributes!

The MCSG servers are not quite up to date just yet, as Minecraft 1.5.2 just came out, however we will be testing the update for the next couple of hours.
US50 will be testing the 1.5.2 update - if you'd like to help, join us here in just a few minutes to test the update!
We will be playing a few games before pushing the update out to all servers. If all goes well, we'll have 1.5.2 shortly :)

All of our locations have been updated with the exception of Australia. We're currently experiencing some packet loss / connectivity issues to our Australian datacenter, as well as some other popular Australian Minecraft communities. We'll be contacting the datacenter shortly to have this rectified.
by Devin at 1:53 PM
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Hello tributes!

This is a poll to ask you, the community, if you think we should raise the map repeat limit. If you're unfamiliar with the map repeat limit, it's part of the new MCSGv2 voting system that prevents a map from being played for a certain number of times after it was just played (this is currently set to 2 for all servers).

With the addition of plenty of new maps recently, we're considering raising this limit to 3 or 4 to allow more maps to be played.

Here's an outline of what will happen for each vote option:
  1. The map repeat limit will be kept at 2 for all servers (24-player and 48-player).
  2. The map repeat limit will be raised to 3 for 24-player servers and kept at 2 for 48-player servers (as there is less 48-player maps).
  3. The map repeat limit will be raised to 4 for 24-player servers and 3 for 48-player servers.
This poll will be open for 7 days, so please vote soon!
by ChadTheDJ at 11:16 PM
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Just in case you are not a fan. Minecraft Mondays is amazing and happy to see it finally hit 100 episodes!​
by Devin at 8:59 PM
(11,732 Views / 44 Likes)
It's been a while, but here's what you've all been waiting for - achievements!
Achievements will be available on all MCSG servers shortly as the update rolls out.
Note that the first time you log onto a server with this update, you may get spammed with "ACHIEVEMENT GET!" messages. This is normal, and is just our system catching up on your achievement history - it won't happen again.

We're releasing our achievement system with about 20 achievements to start, however be assured that there are many more to come; in fact, we have nearly 100 achievements planned for the long term. We will be rolling them out as time goes on, so you can expect to see more achievements within the coming few days.

Here are the currently implemented achievements:
A Tribute's Welcome - Play your very first MCSG game. (5 points)
Last Man Standing - Win your very first MCSG round. (10 points)
Used to Winning - Win 10 rounds of MCSG. (25 points)
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