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by ChadTheDJ at 10:57 AM
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So we woke up to our API server having a little issue which is causing some people to not be able to join any servers. Forairan is working now to fix the issue and we should be back to normal within 30 minutes or less. In the meantime, expect longer joining times or connections issues until our fix is completed.

UPDATE 1: Shutting down the API box for a bit to fix it; we'll be back shortly!

UPDATE 2: API box should be back up now and you should be able to join again! #ThankDevin
by Devin at 12:24 PM
(2,075 Views / 5 Likes)
It appears Mojang is having some issues with the Minecraft login servers, so if you can't log in to MCSG or any other Minecraft server... that's why. :p
We'll update this post as we get more news.
UPDATE 1: Now the session servers are down too, so you probably won't be able to join a server even if you're already logged in.
The problem appears to be resolved at this time. #ThankMojang
by ChadTheDJ at 7:03 PM
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So we have been doing a lot of polls on the website, however not everyone who plays on our servers checks the site that often. We want to make sure that we capture as many people's opinions when it comes to deciding game changing features or community direction for our plugin. So far within a week we received 26,595+ votes for the following questions listed on this page:​

http://www.minecraftsurvivalgames.com/stats/polls/ (Real time results)

This is a lot more than our website poll probably has ever seen combined and we think this is the best way to get everyones input on making sure we give that the community wants. Have any other questions we should add in? Maybe post below and we will add it in a future poll. If you haven't voted yet, please take the time to do so! Hope you all love this feature as Forairan was the mastermind with this addition.

by Bicentennial_Man at 7:53 PM
(15,505 Views / 15 Likes)
Okay, this is a quick explanation post for the community to know why there have been a number of people banned for a large period of time.

The reason behind this is because they were part of the "Peace Summit" and we have received evidence that a number of these people have been planning to do things that not only break our rules but also causing health problems for other staff & players.

So in an attempt to reduce the possible spread of drama they have been temporally perm banned, this is because we want to check all the evidence that we have been given and are still getting.

If they have been causing problems and the evidence proves this then they shall stay banned and we will be posting a least part of the evidence in as a transparency thing. It may not be all uploaded, but that will be to protect the identity of people who provided evidence, and so prevent further bullying.

If of course any of the banned people do not show up in the evidence as having done something...

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