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by Devin at 12:02 AM
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Hello tributes!

We're looking to add Tier 3 chests into MCSG, but we'd rather the community decide what should be in them.
There will likely be 2 tier 3 chests in a standard 24-player map, and 4 tier 3 chests in a 48-player map, just to give a bit of perspective on how things will be distributed.
Once tier 3s are added, the spawn rates in tier 1/2 chests will probably be nerfed a bit.

One thing that will likely be added into tier 3 chests in 1.6 will be a horse spawn egg, but the main purpose of this post is to see what you all, as a community, want in tier 3 chests. The top suggestions will be taken and put into a poll to gather the entire community's opinion.
by ChadTheDJ at 2:26 PM
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MCSG has started an Instagram account featuring some of the action shots our members took while playing on our servers! If you have some good pictures to share of you playing on MCSG, make sure to post them on the MCSG Screenshot Thread and they could be featured. Check out or follow us here:


We plan to post 1 pic a day and also soon do giveaways including our Twitter and Facebook accounts. More information will be released within the following week regarding this.
by Devin at 1:07 AM
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There is a scheduled maintenance for all MCSG servers on Friday, June 28, 2013 at 12AM CDT (GMT-5) (about 21 hours from the time of this post). We expect this maintenance to take no longer than 30 minutes, as it's a simple update to some new code.
The maintenance should resolve some server crashes which have been happening more often over the past few weeks.

TL;DR: June 28 12AM CDT, maintenance, back by 12:30 AM, Forairan's amazing.

Thanks for your cooperation!

UPDATE: We're back up now!
by ChadTheDJ at 11:02 PM
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If people haven't been following the Planet Minecraft contest, we finally decided the winners based on the public vote and the scores of our judges. Thank you to everyone who has participated and tested with our PMC servers! We had over 400+ maps and tons of user feedback with the maps comments that was submitted. Our judges took the time to review the 50 finalists by scoring based on each map's design, originality, gameplay, and presentation (of the Planet Minecraft post). After a week of testing maps and playing with some selected staff on some judging servers, we decided...

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