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Minecraft Survival Games (MCSG™)

by ChadTheDJ at 11:51 AM
(7,691 Views / 25 Likes)
So we promised you MCSGv2 today and we are still not there just yet! We ran into some bugs we wanted to have fixed rather than rushing a release and have nothing but chaos on the servers. I can promise you that we are making progress and its coming! Just to release more teasers, we can now confirm we are also adding an achievement system hinting with this thread! FinsGraphics has been working hard on creating cool badges for your profiles and the devs (subv3rsion, mooman219, and Forairan) as well for getting everything coded in. Here are some sneak peak on some badges you can get (can you guess the achievements?):...
by ChadTheDJ at 12:35 PM
(4,531 Views / 6 Likes)
So the past weekend we been experiencing some packet loss on our EU datacenters causing the games to "lag out" or completely crash. We are working with the hosting company now to solve this issue and will update you as soon as we know anything.

(sidenote: Still going though the lobbies...so many of them)
by ChadTheDJ at 11:38 PM
(5,847 Views / 33 Likes)
So this post is an update to MCSGv2 and it's progress:

So far the developers has a working plugin but some of the new features (announced and still in secret) still need to be tested some more. We hope by beginning of February we will be releasing the new version of our plugin! So far everything planned has been amazing! We added and fixed most of everything our members were asking but it's taking a lot more time than needed. As the good old saying "you cannot rush art", we hope you understand that we are doing out best to release this as fast as we can.

As for the "Make a lobby" contest, we had almost 70 entries submitted! That is seriously amazing as I have so many maps to look through. I hope by the end of this weekend I will pick the winner but I want to make sure I spend enough time for each submission fairly. So sorry it's taking a bit as there is a lot of maps to...
by ChadTheDJ at 1:43 PM
(6,292 Views / 2 Likes)
Just a reminder to anyone still haven't entered the make a lobby contest, you have until tonight midnight (PST) to submit!

Click here for contest details and entry form.

So far we have over 50+ lobbies submitted....so this will take some time looking through all of them. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and we will start looking through them soon!

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