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by Bicentennial_Man at 7:53 PM
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Okay, this is a quick explanation post for the community to know why there have been a number of people banned for a large period of time.

The reason behind this is because they were part of the "Peace Summit" and we have received evidence that a number of these people have been planning to do things that not only break our rules but also causing health problems for other staff & players.

So in an attempt to reduce the possible spread of drama they have been temporally perm banned, this is because we want to check all the evidence that we have been given and are still getting.

If they have been causing problems and the evidence proves this then they shall stay banned and we will be posting a least part of the evidence in as a transparency thing. It may not be all uploaded, but that will be to protect the identity of people who provided evidence, and so prevent further bullying.

If of course any of the banned people do not show up in the evidence as having done something...
by subv3rsion at 5:10 PM
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Hey tributes!

It appears that we're experiencing issues with our AU network. We've contacted the datacenter in AU to find out what's going on, as it appears to be a constant pattern of timeouts.

Once we have more information, we will update you guys.

Update: Until some progress on the network connectivity can be resolved, the AU servers have been stopped. The datacenter has escalated our ticket to the network team, and hopefully we'll have some results shortly.

Update 2: Things seem to have been resolved now.

Update 3: We are aware of ongoing issues today. We've asked some of our AU users to provide debug data, which will certainly help in determining the cause of this network issue. The data has been sent to our AU datacenter, and they will proceed from there.
by ChadTheDJ at 9:29 AM
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So the diamonds have now spoken and we finally have our 50 finalists for the Arena contest:


Judges will now cast their votes in and hopefully by early next week the winner will be selected! Thanks again for participating and giving feedback to the maps submitted.
by ChadTheDJ at 5:45 PM
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So if you haven't heard, subv3rsion is currently at the datacenter and will be applying some upgrades to the network. MCSG in the US should only be down for about 15-30 minutes max. We will let you know when we are back up 100%. This also may include the website but that should only be down for about 5 minutes top. #DontPanic

PMC servers will remain up, so maybe start spamming pmc1 to pmc25.mcsg.in temporarily.

STATUS UPDATE (Forairan, 9:05 PM CDT): Website is back up, US servers should be coming back up shortly; subv3rsion might break it again though.. #BlameBill :p

We are back up! Thanks again for hanging in there while CubedHost upgrades the network.

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