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by Devin at 8:59 PM
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It's been a while, but here's what you've all been waiting for - achievements!
Achievements will be available on all MCSG servers shortly as the update rolls out.
Note that the first time you log onto a server with this update, you may get spammed with "ACHIEVEMENT GET!" messages. This is normal, and is just our system catching up on your achievement history - it won't happen again.

We're releasing our achievement system with about 20 achievements to start, however be assured that there are many more to come; in fact, we have nearly 100 achievements planned for the long term. We will be rolling them out as time goes on, so you can expect to see more achievements within the coming few days.

Here are the currently implemented achievements:
A Tribute's Welcome - Play your very first MCSG game. (5 points)
Last Man Standing - Win your very first MCSG round. (10 points)
Used to Winning - Win 10 rounds of MCSG. (25 points)
Trouble with a...
by ChadTheDJ at 4:48 PM
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Right now, we just discovered the cause for the issue with the lag on the first set of US servers. We are applying the fix and will be up and running smoothly soon. Thanks for everyone who reported it to us. We hope this will only take about 5-10 minutes of downtime.

Update: We just rebooted the server and will be coming back up in a few minutes.
Update 2: Updating YE JARRR files.
Update 3: Servers are back up but we will be monitoring them closely
by ChadTheDJ at 12:47 PM
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Just a heads up our servers in EU have been acting up today and has been causing some downtime in that region. It's looking more like a connection issue rather than a server issue but we will update you once we have information from the hosting company. Hopefully this is only a temporary outage as the last downtime was only 10+ minutes. Servers are back up now but we are monitoring it closely.

Update: It was the datacenter and an issue with their router. This issue has been solved according to their support.
by Bicentennial_Man at 4:51 AM
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Well this is the second post about this, But we were having a few problems with plugins and such.

So without further ado

Creative Is OPEN!


P.S. Green is not a creative colour ;)

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