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by Devin at 6:13 AM
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Hey guys!

We know your #1 complaint with the hub has been that in the built-in Minecraft server list, game statuses are no longer displayed. Good news!
Thanks to a new Minecraft feature, we're actually able to restore these gamestates to the server list for direct connecting users.

A maintenance will be done sometime tonight to correct this and restore this functionality.
Short post, but I think it was worth it for this announcement :p

UPDATE: The update has been delayed until 8/3 to allow for further testing.
by Devin at 1:22 PM
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Hello MCSGers!

As of last night, we've added 50 more MCSG servers (1200 more slots!) to US (US101-150); you can access them through the hub! Yay! :D

Also, there will be a short (~15 minute) maintenance on the US network at 12:00 AM CDT tonight. This is mainly to implement an overflow hub, which should reduce client/server lag in the hub lobby.
Delayed until sometime on 8/1 to allow for further testing.

That's all for this post - thanks for supporting MCSG, and have fun playing! :)
by ChadTheDJ at 4:44 PM
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Hello MCSG'ers! We are happy to announce that we moved away from our old confusing upgrade system to use a service called BuyCraft! I am sure everyone is familiar with this as other popular communities use this system as well. With this system, your ranks are now upgraded almost instantly after completing your purchase compared to our old way taking 10-30 minutes (in rare cases, 24 hours). Also we changed up the ranks to include lifetime accounts as requested from our members. To visit our store url, click on the upgrades page or here is the direct URL:


We can now accept more payment methods including PaySafeCard's (via Paymentwall) and bitcoins (via coinbase)! Google Wallet will be coming soon after the account gets approved....
by Devin at 12:01 AM
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We've updated Australia, however you may have issues connecting to it due to a nameserver change on the mcgamer.net and mcsg.in domains. If you are having issues connecting to the AU servers (au1-au25.mcsg.in) or the AU hub (au.mcgamer.net), try restarting your computer; if that doesn't work, use one of these direct IPs to connect to AU for now:

The issue should be resolved within 24-48 hours as nameservers update; unfortunately, it's out of our control.

Thanks for the cooperation!

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