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by Col_StaR at 2:57 PM
(2,303 Views / 20 Likes)
Hello Tributes,

To all the EU players, have you noticed a change in server performance? If so, then let’s call it progress.

In our continued efforts to fix the issues certain players have on our EU servers, we have conducted a number of changes in an effort to isolate the problem. The latest major change was the installation of another version of BungeeCord, the same version that is being used on the US servers. By replicating the organization of the US servers in EU as much as we can, we hope to either replicate the stability and performance on the US servers, or at least remove one more potential cause of the problem. So far, the results are promising.

That being said, if you see any bugs or would like to report that the lag is still prevalent, please do alert the developers. Please comment in this thread if you think the EU server performance has increased, decreased, or stayed the same.

On the other end of the hemisphere, we’re proud to announce that AU has two new...
by Col_StaR at 5:05 PM
(2,090 Views / 14 Likes)

Hey folks,

We may be onto something to host the CEP Issues to be available for viewing on mobile devices. However, it may cost us money, which is why we're hesitant to do it. As such, we are still looking for alternatives.
by Devin at 4:12 PM
(2,282 Views / 39 Likes)
Hello all,

Last night (the night of February 18), we performed a few updates that involved restarting the network in all locations. These were mostly to improve stability, but also brought some fancy new hub features!

Europe location - Testing a new BungeeCord version
We're testing a new BungeeCord version in Europe now, which appears to be fixing some lag issues. Can anyone who regularly plays on the European servers comment on this?

Hub news ticker
We've added a news ticker to the top of the screen in every hub. This should hopefully allow us to more easily spread news and information to the wider in-game community.

Day/night cycle in the hub

This is personally my favorite feature out of all of the hub updates. All of the hubs now follow a realistic day/night cycle, including compensation for sunrise/sunset, to wherever the servers are located. As an example, the US...
by Devin at 9:01 PM
(2,486 Views / 34 Likes)
On today, the first anniversary of MCSGv2's release, I've made a visualization of our development efforts over the past year.

(If you're seeing a black screen, try watching the video in incognito; I don't think it's fully processed yet.)​

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