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For those that don’t know what the EU Cleansweep is, here is the original post:

Other results threads will be at the bottom.

Hey everyone,

Week three is over, and we’ve had some nice results! There were a couple sessions missed due to a misunderstanding, with the UK time change, but everything was picked up and put back on course! I hope everyone is seeing a difference.

Please don’t forget that, due to scheduling issues and time management, each sweep is organized for a span of two hours. As such, knowing when to schedule a time when the most hackers will be on is essential to our efforts. The times of our current sessions may change to suit where the community needs us most. If you have any suggestions as to when you have been noticing a higher amount of hackers, please let us know either via...
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Hello Tributes! As of lately, the Staff Q&A has become a highly successful event, and many people have attended biweekly. For those who don't know, the Staff Q&A is a biweekly session where you (the community) get to ask the staff (us) questions. The sessions normally take 1-2 hours. If you want to submit a question before the session, please consult the link below. After the pre-submission questions are answered, we will move on to a live session, where you can ask questions with talk power. Hope to see as many of you at the upcoming sessions.


Scott - Main host, founder.
JimmerHD - Sr. Mod overseer.
Jodimo - Sr. Mod overseer.
Sheldor - Sr. Mod overseer.
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Hello MCGamers! Some treats to share with you all celebrating Halloween weekend. We are releasing a special themed map called Haunted Isles to the servers and also setting up dedicated lobbies with this map only!

Join play.mcgamer.net and go to the Survival Games area. Join the following servers depending on location:

US: SG100-109
EU: SG100-109

Once it's released, we will update this thread. (Status: Released)

Also catch our Halloween sale and giveaway this weekend. $2 iron accounts and 25% off lifetime ranks! Hurry, ends Monday!


Win also when a platinum rank today by visiting this link:...
by CAmadeusA at 9:20 PM
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The winner goes to Azorces for his winning haiku of:

"Haunting Halloween
Creeping ghouls daunting desire

Dreams lost forever"

Azorces, please open a DM with me and we can sort details of the donor-ship, and thanks for participating to everyone else, remember, if you didn't win this time, you may win the next giveaway, so keep looking forward. Thats all Ive got for today, have a great day.


Thanks to duckluv321 for the art!
Hey Tributes, so Halloween is coming up, and in the spirit of this spooky time of year, we at MCGamer have decided to run a little competition to see who can come up with the best halloween themed haiku.

So, the way this competition will go is that you will have until halloween to write a haiku that is entertaining and tells a story from the monsters point of view....

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