Minecraft Survival Games (MCSG™)

by ChadTheDJ at 9:31 AM
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Hey tributes,

Update 2: This maintenance is now completed.

Update: Due to some tasks that were simply taking too long to complete, we will be moving this up to Monday at 11PM CDT, which we will be much more prepared for.

The MCGamer website will be undergoing some maintenance tonight at 11PM CDT in order to improve website performance, upgrade our forum software, and simply doing some general cleanup work.
We expect this maintenance to take between 1 - 4 hours, hopefully not any more than 2 hours. During the upgrade, the forums will be disabled/in an read-only state.

If you notice any problems as of 3AM CDT, please let us know via this post, or emailing [email protected]

The gameservers will NOT be affected, and you should be able to play without issue through the night.
by ChadTheDJ at 11:28 AM
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Hello Tributes! We finally finished last night the move over to our new US servers however need to address a few problems people are having. Because we changed our DNS, some people may get "Cannot resolve hostname", "Unknown host", and "Cannot connect" errors. This will be a temporary issue until all of the DNS servers around the world update with this new information. For now, we will share with you some troubleshooting steps to help try to get on:

If the steps below didn't work, you can connect to the servers by using this following DNS as a temporary work around until the main DNS works:

Or as a last resort here are a few direct IPs to connect to:

For Windows:

Hold the keys Windows+R until a window titled "Run" opens. Type in CMD and hit enter which should open a black box window with white text. Type this command ipconfig /flushdns into the black window and hit...
by Devin at 12:30 PM
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UPDATE: The maintenance windows have been delayed by 1 day due to the current US network issues. The new maintenance dates are August 13 and 14, and barring any more network issues, should proceed as scheduled.

UPDATE 2: The maintenance window for August 14 has been moved to 12 AM - 2 AM CDT on the 15th (same night) to avoid kicking as many players off of US.

Hello all,

We have scheduled two maintenance windows, one for tonight and one for tomorrow night, to upgrade our network.

The first maintenance window is scheduled from 9 PM - 12 AM CDT (GMT-5) on August 13, although we expect to be done by around 11 PM. This maintenance is to move our database server and website to our new dedicated server boxes. Services affected include:
  • All MCGamer Network and AntVenom Network servers
  • Staff/moderation panel
  • Website
  • Premium upgrades (any upgrades made during the maintenance will be processed once it is complete)
The second maintenance window...

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