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About Better Sprint Mod

Discussion in 'Survival Games Discussions' started by EvermoreHD, Sep 21, 2013.

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  1. So as people already know, Better Sprint Mod will be added into 1.7. I've tested it and as long as you hold down both left control and your "up" key, your sprint will never break. Players can technically connect with the new snapshots, that include this new sprint button, though there will probably be random disconnects and bugs, since they are technically unsupported. So would all Better Sprint Mod reports be pointless now, since players can technically connect with the new sprint update?
  2. Google Administrator

  3. KitMencha

    Staff Member

    Since 1.7 isn't officially out I suggest not to use this mod as you are still liable to sanctions.
  4. It's not a mod though, it's in the new snapshots.
  5. KitMencha

    Staff Member

    Well it's entirely your decision but it's better to bring a senior staff's point of view on this topic. @Le0 may I have some help here?
  6. That's why I made this thread....
  7. Toast

    Sr. Mod
    Sr. Builder

    It will be brought up in the mod meeting today. Thread Locked.
  8. well, BSM is in Nodus sprint now and BSM is different to 1.7 sprint. In BSM you can hit people while constantly sprinting, same with Nodus sprint, in 1.7 your sprint still Dies when happening. alsoBSM can be found after someone shoots an arrow and u get insta sprint particles. in 1.7 It doesn't do this. BSM still holds a massive advantage, so i Don't know why people think BSM is implemented into 1.7 because its not , it just makes you able to sprint without your sprint dyeing, thats all. So BSM should stay bannable , classed as basically hacking.
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