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An Idea..

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by MyNameIsSaar, Jul 4, 2012.


Do you think its a good idea?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. I've been thinking that in a lot of games where there was a 3 people team we had to call a mod on in order to tell them to finish it off, and thought that maybe the higher paying donors such as diamond or VIP should also get the ability to talk to guys in game. This does not give them an "Up" in winning the games, and if they spam this ability they get reported and the consequences can be decided on later, though people who have payed $50 are less likely to spam and break rules.s
  2. Google Administrator

  3. I just think there should be a /report [name] in-game that sends the info from a player on the server issuing the command to some moderator board on the forum or something, so we can just do that if something like that happens.
  4. maybe, but theres no way oh knowing if someone was just mad, or of getting the proof to it
  5. I agree this should be available to VIP's but not donators.
  6. Indeed, there are enough donators who don't follow the rules.
    I think it should be added for VIP's only
  7. It'll just be an alert system, someone could go onto the forum and alert staff out of madness.
  8. I think the obvious issue with this is that it'd be extremely easy to exploit, with spectators being able to tell tributes to watch out for things or to go a certain way for chests.
  9. The games need to stay fair. VIP's are already talking on teamspeak with any players they would want to talk to anyway. Its kind of useless to give them the chat ability.
  10. not all players are on teamspeak, plus its bothersome to the mods if we have to call them everytime we wanted to end a game.
  11. and its not all specs, and as i said if you use it like that, then you get in trouble.
  12. I think its a good idea but if im teaming with my friends we and were killt everybody were always going to spawn and make the fight fair. ( same sword same armour ) and than were fighting so yes it is a good idea but give the team time to make it fair.
  13. well we couldnt force you to fight unless we were mods {making it death match} but some teams just stand around doing nothing, which is when it would be useful
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