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Discussion in 'Survival Games Discussions' started by TehHater, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. I have seen alot of people ask about their Moderator applications and why they haven't been reviewed yet and the reason why they haven't been reviewed is because there are maybe hundreds of people posting their applications in everyday and from what I know only Sr Staff can review the applications and with Gibbo resigned there are now only nine people with the ability to review the applications and all these applications are too much for that many people and everyone is getting a little annoyed that its taking weeks maybe months to have their application reviewed and maybe just to get denied!

    I myself have only been waiting a few days but I have seen people complain that they have been waiting months and I think that's just crazy.

    So my theory on this is maybe just maybe let some really trusted Moderators to have perms to look for applications that they think have potential
    and if they find any they can pass it onto the Sr Staff

    This is just what I think would speed up the process
    post your suggestions and opinions below! :)
  2. Google Administrator

  3. You sir. are a good man! Also first!
  4. Everything involving applications is under control and running smoothly. Just because you don't get an instant response and have to wait (complaining about this doesn't help your chances) doesn't mean they haven't seen it.
  5. Im sure everyone understands they have to be patient but people waiting months maybe just to get denied I think is a little crazy Im just suggesting something to speed up the process
  6. duckluv321 has made a thread explaining why a moderator wouldn't have responded, and it's all running smoothly now like KRaidium said. In the past, the senior moderators obviously took longer to review apps because people have said it's taken them months to get a reply, but it's all going much faster now.
  7. Yes, people used to wait months because the system back then was pretty bad. It is now more organized and easier for then to communicate about applications, so they get handled quickly and more efficiently.
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  8. duckluv321

    Sr. Mod
    Staff Member

    Like most people have already said, applications are moving at an incredible speed, granted we have around four Sr. Moderators.
    Allowing trusted moderators would, believe it or not take longer, because in order for the application to be accepted, every Sr. Mod (or in this case, trusted mods as well) need to look at it, and if not all of them, the large majority of them.

    The people who waited months waited months a while bak because the system wasn't nearly as good, but nowadays, it works just fine, and you'll have a response as soon as possible.

    You have to remember, there's four Sr. Mods, and probably 10 (good) applications to sort through.
    These decisions are critical, and shouldn't be rushed.
    If they're rushed, then average applicants could slip through, leaving incredible applicants behind.

    Another thing to remember, an important trait of a moderator is patience, and I think the time you have to wait for a response, and your reaction to that time, is a test of patience.
    That kind sir, that is a test you want to pass.
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  9. When you post an application you will get put in the back of the line. As sr.mods check an application, you move forward in the line. When your application is the oldest one that has not been reviewed, then its your turn. Everything, is going smooth. There is no problem what so ever about the application system. Also, remember this. The LONGER it takes for your application to get awnsered, the larger is the possibility that you get appoved, because that usally means they are discussing you.
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  10. I waited 3 months and forgot about it and saw one day I had a reply.
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  11. Yeah i waited 24 days :cool:
    February - joining MCSG forums.
    March - Sending in my application for mod.
    Late March - Got moderator :3
  12. I could imagine this process takes a wile especially if its good. I can see why some might take up to a few months to get a reply cause they need to make sure they pick the right ones. Been waiting a wile for mine and i was a bit impatience until I found out how the apps were looked at then I was like "oh now I know why it's taking so long" so now I don't care how long it takes cause the process is a bit long and for good reason too
  13. We had other priorities back then but as others have said so far, we have things running more smoothly now. I don't mean to brag or anything but last Friday/Saturday, the sr staff reviewed around 160 applications and got the queue down to 40 :cool:. For some apps, it will take a lot longer to reply to since we need a yes or no from other sr staff but in the end, things get done. With that being said, we won't be giving some mods access to the applications since it would make other mods feel less important and we want to keep things fair.

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