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Be thankful for your fps

Discussion in 'Survival Games Discussions' started by TheCornStealer, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. I get really annoyed when people complain about haveing 50fps because they normally get like 80 or something. I usually get around 30 fps when my WiFi is good, maybe even forty but sometimes I get 20 on busy times where lots of people are online. Here's what I see:

    My friend BluePajamaBoy:

    5 fps= usually when PVPing
    10fps=random lag spikes
    15fps=pretty decent
    20fps=whoa I'm getting good framerate


    15fps=Eww bad connection arrghh
    20fps=random lag spikes
    30fps=decent c:
    40fps=whoa o:
    50fps=those rare times I get lucky <333

    Some people:

    45fps=that's terrible
    50-60fps=oh no lag spikes
    80-100fps=nice c:

    What I'm trying to say is when you have low fps and you think its the worst thing ever, remember that people deal with way worse than you do so plz don't complain :D
  2. Google Administrator

  3. That's what i'm saying. People with amazing computers, just keep the lag chat to yourself. ;D
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  4. Me: Far + Faithful32
    200 FPS - Average
    150 FPS - What is happening...
    100 FPS - This is horrible!
    50- FPS - I'm going to murder my PC.
  5. Lucky you. :/ Btw how/when did you get your pc and what kind? :D
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  6. Lucky you. :/ Btw how/when did you get your pc and what kind? :D
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  7. On my old computer:
    (HP TouchSmart 2010 or something, yes it's touchscreen.)
    Short+16, OptiFine, Relatively low settings, FaithfulVenom 32, on a standard map.
    150+ - wat.
    100-150 - I must have done something to make God happy.
    80-100 - Pretty good, I can play normally
    60-80 - Could be better, wouldn't want to participate in a clan battle or tournament.
    40-60 - Go back to the forums.
    0-40 - Restart computer, break out the Task Manager, close everything except Skype and Dxtory.

    On my new (Well, old but unused, so like in good condition) computer:
    Lenovo Thinkpad, 2007. (Unused for several years, since it's WiFi stopped working. I fixed it recently. Also, whenever I try to record it locks my FPS at around 15-19, so I can't record despite having such good FPS when not recording.)
    Short+16, OptiFine, Relatively low settings, FaithfulVenom 32, on a standard map.
    250+ ooh yay
    150+ ooh yay
    100+ ooh yay
    50+ Better go check Task Manager, it seems laggy.
    Unfortunately it micro-stutters, so even if it's 60-100 it looks like lower, and it changes a lot - it will literally go from 300+ to 50 and back in less than a second. It does it a lot, but generally it's fine.

    I'm very grateful to be able to have such a good computer. But as technology improves, computers that get better FPS will become cheaper and more widely available.
  8. Then people with crappy computer stop complaining and keep the lag chat to yourself!, oh and cornstealer lag from having a slow computer and lag from having slow internet are 2 diffrent things...
  9. Yin

    Yin District 13

    Me without optifine, lowest settings

    250: Average FPS
    230: me playing any kind of spleef
    200: Decent
    150: me during PvP
    120: average FPS on a laggy server
    110 and under: Things for me start getting crappy
    60: leave minecraft and play Skyrim or COD :)
  10. i7 forgot what kind, GTX 480's.
  11. Its cos hes a chicken...
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  12. yes i do.

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