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Cloud Nine

Discussion in 'Maps in Progress' started by OliBear, Apr 17, 2013.

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  1. We're discussing making something unique, you'll soon find out about it. The map will probably be finished in a few weeks if we work hard on it. Hopefully we can get it voted!

    Edit: We have decided it's best not to add more pictures until the full release. It's for the best and will get you more excited :p
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  3. Yeah, it really reminds me of Skyland (As others said) So if I were you I'd try and bring something unique to it, something different that skyland didn't have.

    EDIT: But as others said it looks really good so far!
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  4. You know what to do. :)
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  5. We're going to have a test game after we have finished the map which will be in a few weeks. We'll set up an application soon
  6. This is so cool! I love the use of the islands, and it's just so pretty! :eek:

    I really hope to see this implemented into MCSG, one day. And if you are looking for testers (as in the post above) When you are taking applications for them, I would love to apply. :)
  7. Awesome, better than Skylands but pls don't make it too large.
  8. I'd love to be in the test! and this map looks great! also hungry hills is me and my friends favorite map and its a real shame it doesn't get voted a lot. :( any ways if your testing soon I'm available. :D
    btw you guys should help me with my new map I've been working on for a while its called "18th hole golf and country club" and I really need help on it. also if you have a server you're using to build this and you want to help me and my team (small team) build I also need a host.

    EDIT: my signature for rocky mountain SG isn't the other one I'm talking about.
  9. Nice! Looks cool. How close is it to being finished exactly? Just curious
  10. i am so sad about hungry hills and skylands being taken off. WHY DID THEY TAKE THEM OFF? looks good :D
  11. Sweet map. I would love to see it added
  12. Too simple for me to enjoy. Simple terrain with ordinary MC trees. Also quite bland corn colors. Anyway, I hope you can change my opinion when the full maps comes out, good luck. :)
  13. Necro, locked.
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