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Enchantment table locations :)

Discussion in 'Tips and Strategies' started by kaiomann, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. I didn't know about the Freeze/Breeze One!
  2. Google Administrator

  3. [​IMG][​IMG] Sharpness
    Extra damage V
    Adds 1 ([​IMG]) to 2 ([​IMG]) (0.5 to 1.25 hearts) per level, randomly to every hit, rounded down to half hearts damage.
  4. ^ Don't forget about crits ;)
  5. You can be sponsored as well.
  6. Loats on Avaricia. (14 tables :eek:)
    No position, just coordinates, weird map, weird match.
    Look at The ScreenShot Thread for more screenshots of this match (2)! :)
  7. I didn't add enchantment tables. But keep an eye out for the future. :)
  8. Okay thanks

  9. While there are 14 Enchantment tabels, I don't think there is a single crafting bench.
  10. There is it is in one of the halls.
  11. There is a hidden one I saw. Magic!!
  12. Nice!!! Thanks. <3
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  13. There is one on valley side university
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