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Fortune Island (Juanhbk1)

Discussion in 'Old Finished Maps' started by juanhbk1, Apr 18, 2012.


    Fortune Island
    24 PLAYER ------------------------------ 640x640

    Working hard on the trailer!

    Thanks to Joshkey, Cheezstiks, Und3adK1w15, Cbeeston1 and Teije for acting and filming


    Finally, I release this map exclusively to the MCSG Community! This has been by far the best community I've ever been on, been with ya'll since the start (Playing with EZ!) to announcing this proect to the forums, (April 18th!) to finally releasing it here! Thanks for all the support I've received andhopefully ya'll can play this map on the forums very soon!

    Change List
    V2.0 (May 23rd)
    -replaced spawn once again
    -Improved many buildings
    -added more redstone traps
    -removed all the bushes (SG3 like and not vanillaa jungle)
    -New battleship
    -25% more swag
    V1.2.2 (July 16)
    -added a new 3D spawn
    -added a underwater station
    -added a crashed pirate ship
    -added a nether parkour room (Joshkey)
    -added a 2nd enchantment table in the prison
    -added a better monk village (WIP)
    V1.2 (July 13)
    -added a zen garden
    -added a hole
    -changed the color of the tents in the campsite
    -added a floor to the plane (oops)
    -fixed bugs (ladder skips, traps, etc)

    Onto Fortune Island!

    Here is a render of the island, the glass dome encases 640x640


    On Fortune Island there was a war. Rebels looking to escape the Capitol, even though they weren’t willing to fight against them. They found a beautiful island and tried to live peacefully, as monks. This went on for a long time, until a group of the “monks” separated, and once they were strong enough they became terrorizing the monks, with their new favourite weapon, TNT. The savages used this TNT to destroy the structures them and the monks had worked so hard to create. This went on for a long time, until, ultimately the savages blew themselves up. Now this beautiful island will be the host of the 68th annual Hunger Games*.
    * The “monks” have been deemed non-dangerous and it has been decided the Gamemakers will not extract the monks.
    This is an overview of the Cornucopia area, showing the Cornucopia with the destroyed lighthouse looking on.
    More central view of the Cornucopia, will you flee to the outer islands in search of items, or venture into the unpredictable Jungle, where danger and claustrophobia looms large?
    The beautiful waterfall which drew the monks here in the first place is nothing compared to what is behind it.
    A view from atop the waterfall, what will you succumb to? Environment or the other Tributes?
    What will you find at the bottom of the 3 lakes? What will you find at the crash site?
    The Lady, a statue built by the monks and ruined by the Savages, will be a major bloodbath, as tributes will race to acquire her treasure.
    A look at the dangerous hot spot that hosts a Savage-built challenge that was once used to usher a child into adulthood. Will you attempt it?
    One of the many boat docks built around the island used to get around quickly by the Monks.
    The destroyed Savage base. It is said that when a new bomb was being built, it set off, by accident the stores of TNT in the village, ending the Monks suffering. The Monks say there is great resources there, but fear to enter due to stray bombs.
    A vault of sorts, used when the Savages or the Island threatened them in any way. As the island is safe as of now, 2 Tributes could enter it, but only using teamwork. The question is, will you share the supplies? Or lock your friend into a grave to starve?
    One of the many Movie/TV show references around the Island, to relieve the tense atmosphere in the Survival Games.
    One of the many parkour/redstone/traps that the Savages and Monks have built around the Island. Will this be your fate? Sinking into lava? Or will it be being trapped in a constant motion of pistons? Or, will the greatest threat, other Tributes, stop you from the prestige of winning the 68th Annual Survival Games?
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  2. Google Administrator

  3. mattr1818

    mattr1818 Tribute

    It looks really cool :) although i think that th light house looks a little to... i dont no clean and put together maybe some bricks taken out of the sides would look good :)
    Kirbyflys and joe like this.
  4. Im thinking of replacing obsidian with stone blocks and blowing some TNT in the sides :)
    TheCornStealer and joe like this.
  5. mattr1818

    mattr1818 Tribute

    that would be a nice touch :) keep up the good work
  6. Looks AWESOME. As said above, lighthouse is a bit too not broken XP
    Is that a mermaid statue... on LAND#!? Maybe you should move it into the water? And add some vines to it or something so it gives it that "old" antique feel to it. Maybe you can add UNDERWATER CONTENT! :eek:
    Treehouse thing looks SICK!!!!!!!
    And whats that white thing surrounding the island in the first picture?
    togefama likes this.
  7. If i had to bet its the glass force field

    and i must say this dose look good
  8. Yes that is a mermaid statue :) Ill add vines and suh later :)

    lighthouse is fixed :D


    And thanks, at the top of the treehouse theres a mini parkour thingy to get to a double chest :D

    (its hard)

    The white thing is glass so players dont wander too far :p
  9. Remove some of those fences and take out a small chunk of the balcony platform so people fall off :D
  10. Thanks :)

    Alright I did it, also blew some TNT so its semi-hard to get to the chest :) Dont think it deserves a screenie though :)
    TheCornStealer likes this.
  11. mattr1818

    mattr1818 Tribute

    It looks ggod:) thaks for putting in my suggestion XD... I feel... SEMI IMPORTANT LOL :)
    AND PS we all want a screenieXD
  12. Haha then youll be glad to hear I took another one of your suggestions :)


    And heres the cornucopia, just for giggles, its just like the one in the default one on the server, it starts on a hill so if you jump, you can start tarzaning it up at the start ;)

    cameron224 and Winnend like this.
  13. mattr1818

    mattr1818 Tribute

    Looks amazing just keeps getting better and better but that mermaid idea wasnt mine but still awesome!

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