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[Guide] How to record your screen on windows (free)

Discussion in 'General Support' started by bart, Jun 9, 2012.

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  1. This is a guide wich shows you how to record your screen using Hypercam.

    1. First download Hypercam
    2. Install Hypercam
    3. Press ''Select region'' and choose the region you want to record
    4. Go to the ''Avi file'' tab
    5. Click browse and select the directory where you want to storage your files.
    6. Go back to the tab ''Screen Area''
    7. To start recording press ''Start record''
    8. To stop recording press ''Stop''
    Hope this helped you out!
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  2. Google Administrator

  3. I don't really know if Hypercam works great on minecraft, gonna try this !
  4. Does this actually work because i have it but never tried using it and can you reocrd voice because i would like to do live gameplay :p
  5. Yes it works and you can record voice. But if you really want to make vids because of entertainment you should buy fraps or camtasia. Because the quality is better. Camtasia also includes an editor.
  6. well my uncle wants to be an arsehole so he put parental controls on my computer o I can't use my old recording thingy I used wegame :p
  7. Ah ok you could also just crack fraps or camtasia :p. But that's illegal.
  8. I love cracked things :p lol jp jp jp we should do some gameplay videos sometime :p
  9. Ehhh do you have skype ?
  10. I'll pm you.
  11. It works great for computers that aren't too good. But if you have a decent computer I highly recommend fraps, you get a much better quality and it doesn't cost too much.
  12. I shall try Hypercam as Fraps is being a bitch to me.

    This shall help.
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