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[Guide] How to sponsor other players while spectating.

Discussion in 'General Support' started by YoutubaHD, Feb 23, 2013.


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  2. Meh.... I'm so cool I already knew how....

  1. How to Sponsor a living player
    A lot of people ask how to sponsor players In-Game, so this is how you do it.

    While spectating, you may sponsor other players that are still alive. To do this you must have at least 150 points to buy the potion you would like to give them. Once you are ready to sponsor someone in need, type the command /sponsor [USERNAME]. The potions you may give are the following:
    Potion of Regeneration: 150 points
    Potion of swiftness: 150 points
    Potion of healing: 150 points
    Potion of Strength: 150 points
    Potion of invisibility: 200 points
    Splash potion of poison: 150 points
    Splash potion of weakness: 150 points
    Splash potion of Slowness: 150 points
    Splash potion of Harming: 150 points
    This takes away from YOUR points, not the person you are sponsoring!
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  3. krackan

    Staff Member

    Nice. I'll make this a guide so everyone will see it :)
  4. Edog

    Diamond Sponsor

    Please don't post random things like that..
  5. toby22

    toby22 Active Member

    Thank you. Now I can sponsor my friend!
  6. Twinks

    Gold Sponsor

    I sponsored my friend and he said that he did not get any potions but I still lost my points. :(

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