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How To Be A Better PVP Player

Discussion in 'Tips and Strategies' started by ryocubes, Aug 13, 2013.


How To Be A Better PVP Player

  1. Block Hitting

    27 vote(s)
  2. Jump and attack

    105 vote(s)
  1. I just want to get better in MCSG Hunger Games, but I'm just keep on getting killed.
    I know it's really hard to explain but if there's any ways to be a better PVP Player, please tell me. thank you.
  2. Google Administrator

  3. Wrong section, moved.
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  4. Thapple

    Staff Member

    Um... I rub bacon on my mouse until I hear thunder...
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  5. I strafe. And use fishing rods. And bows. And flint and steels.
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  6. I heard that jump attacking would gives you a double times of damage then just hitting. Is that true?
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  7. Thapple

    Staff Member

    It gives you a chance to get a critical hit.
  8. Which means it would gives you more damage?
  9. Thapple

    Staff Member

    It has a chance to, But block hitting has a better chance to kill, because you aren't taking as much damage. Critical hitting doesn't always work and is pretty easy to kill some jumping weirdo, so I would recommend Block hitting over Jumping.
  10. So block hitting over jumping is the best?
  11. I say no. Block hitting is unreliable at best and is difficult to pull off under pressure or when nervous (e.g. in deathmatch). When you are falling and you hit someone, you do a critical hit. This will usually do around 1.75x damage and is far more reliable than block hitting if you jump to get criticals. Additionally, jumping means that you are harder to hit.
  12. Block hitting is just the same, there is no guarantee that you are blocking right when you are getting hit.

    Third option: flint and steel.
  13. Make sure that not only do you practice sword fighting, fighting is a lot easier when you are experiened with a variety of weapons and items. Bow sniping is crutial, especially in water fights. Flint and steel is an easy way to get the person your fightings health down quickly without you taking any damage from them. The fishing rod is great for pushing people off laders and parkour blocks, and also for pushing them back in a water fight if you are low. Be careful when going into water: Make sure you always have a bow and a good amount of arrows to shoot them with. Sniping in the water is a good way to kill someone with better stuff than you if you are good at it.

    Hope these help!
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