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Guide How to connect to the Survival Games

Discussion in 'Community Guides' started by Firedog150, May 19, 2012.

  1. I have been getting a lot of messages and I have seen a lot of posts on the forums about this so I am making this guide on how to physically join the servers.


    The server IPS are located: http://www.toomanyservers.com/

    US Servers:

    EU Servers:

    Now that we have a list of servers, we need to try to connect:

    Step 1: Click Multiplayer on the Minecraft Screen

    Step 2: Choose either Direct Connect or Add Server (I suggest add server)

    Depending on the one you choose there are different outcomes.

    Step 3A: The Direct Connect Screen to add your server click join and try to get in

    Step 3B: Add Server the name DOES NOT matter only the IP

    Step 4B: Keep refreshing the servers you have added until a space opens up.

    If you are lucky you will be able to get into the game. You can also use the server pages that are listed at the top to find which games are currently in the lobby and you should try to join them as they have the shortest wait time until the game starts.

    If you wish to use a pre-made server list uploaded by CandyFTW that has the current US servers and current EU servers and will be updated if more are added you can go here: http://www.minecraftsurvivalgames.com/threads/servers-dat-file-updated-22-05.2947/

    There is also a donor system in place. The donor system is divided between the two regions: US and EU. If you donate to the US servers, then you are a donor only on the US servers. If you donate to the EU servers, then you are a donor only on the EU servers. The main reason you should become a donator is to support the server because you like it and you want to continue to see it prosper, but there is an additional perk that comes with it.
    This allows for fast games and guaranteed playing time.

    There are 3 different types of donors: iron, gold, and diamond. The only difference that comes from them are the amount that you donate:
    $10 USD/month for Iron
    $25 USD/month for Gold
    $50 USD/month for Diamond

    If you wish to donate then you can go here: http://www.minecraftsurvivalgames.com/pages/donate/

    There is also an Official Survival Games Teamspeak server. There you can chat with other members of the community, mods, and admins. You can ask for help or maybe set up a team if you'd like as well.

    Here is a guide written by iiCALLmeNOOBY, one of the admins, on how to connect to it:

    Below is a guide on troubleshooting your connection if you cannot connect. It was not made by me, it was made by gamesaucer, but with his permission, I have included it in this original post and it could be referred to if you are having specific connection issues as the above guide only covers getting into servers with no problem. Thank you gamesaucer.

    Happy Survival Games and may the blocks be ever in your favor.

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  3. bigmike4life

    bigmike4life Guest

    Lawl, nice Thread.
  4. A real noob friendly guide! Really nice!
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  5. What do I do if it keeps saying "failed to veryify username" when I try to join a server?
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  6. Can you log into minecraft.net and try to play it in browser? Maybe you are typing your username wrong or maybe you have not actually bought a minecraft account and you torrented it?
  7. you might wanna edit the veride.mcsg.in to vareide.mcsg.in
  8. Sorry was a direct copy/paste from the server list. Thanks!
  9. Great Guide. Hopefully we will have less noob threads now! xD
  10. you're welcome anyways nice tread need's sticky
  11. ChadTheDJ

    Staff Member

    Thank you for taking the time to do that. Also, maybe mention about how our donation system works if they would want to play without waiting if they are willing to pitch in to our community.
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  12. Added the information about donators with COLORS! Thanks!
  13. i cant go online its says that if got a bad login :S


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