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How to Kill a Hacker.

Discussion in 'Tips and Strategies' started by snoopyk9, Dec 23, 2013.

  1. Let me just start off saying I'm way too lazy to look and see if this already exists, but I'm just going to go for it. I've hacked a LOOOTTT in the past on other servers (judge me) and became quite adept at it. From that experience I know how hacks work and how to kill hackers. I've seen plenty of PvPers who are much better than me die in fights against hackers and leave me face-palming because they simply didn't know how to go about the fight. That being said, let's begin.

    First off, the easiest approach to killing a hacker is fire. Flint and steel is easy to get, easy to use, and invaluable against a hacker. It has come to my attention that -timer and -regen are making a comeback as of right now, and although they're somewhat hard to detect at times, if you can tell your opponent is using them, fire is going to win you this one.

    -Timer and -regen work in similar ways; they both speed up processes on your player. -Timer speeds up everything (external and internal), movement speed, jumping, falling, hunger, regen, burning, etc. -Regen speeds up all internal processes, such as regen, hunger, burning (considering that internal because of damage intake), etc.

    If your opponent thinks they can win a fight by spamming regen, they're a) a bad hacker and b) wrong, if you play it right. If you light a hacker on fire, they'll likely try to gain their health back while burning. This will remove the burning effect almost instantaneously, but in turn give them all the damage. Regen works in chunks of 2-3 (approximately) hearts per use, whatever the length of the burning effect from fire is. Hackers will not be able to regenerate health if they're on fire, and if they are still standing in fire when they use regen, they'll lose hunger AND health fast.

    Using a bow is self explanatory: you're far away and the hacker can't hit you (unless they're good with a bow). I don't care what anyone says, on this server, bow aimbot has almost zero effect on a moving target. It's incredibly unreliable and, to my knowledge, isn't able to alter the path of an arrow once it's already shot. That being said, if you're moving in a straight line away from a hacker, they'll probably hit you. But who wouldn't anyways? If you're good with a bow, bring the hacker to the water and hope that they aren't. If you strafe left and right, bow aimbot shouldn't be much of a problem from a distance.

    Mutual Damage
    Mutual damage is defined (by me) as damage that you and your opponent will take equally and unavoidably. The best example for MCSG is lightning during deathmatch, but other examples include fall damage, drowning (regen and timer effect drowning rates), and lava (protip: you'll both probably die, but if the hacker uses regen or timer they'll die faster).

    Fighting with Mutual Damage
    The reason for using mutual damage is that odds are they'll deal more upfront damage than you will. However, if you both take incredible damage from leading a hacker through lightning or far falls off of a mountain, you have a better chance of killing them with a bow shot, fire, or even confronting them with your sword. You may not think it's the safest approach to a hacker; it isn't. But if you're struggling to keep up to speed in a fight, even if you die, with using mutual damage you can still say you brought the hacker down to 2 hearts instead of 8, and maybe even allow for someone else to pick up the kill after your death.
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    And good advice!
  4. Number 1, I kill the hacker with all my might and powers
  5. Well, good to know I should avoid you ingame >:3 But thanks for the tips! I actually didn't know some of this.
  6. A hacker deserves to be bathed in holy water.. then crucified by Chad
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  7. another thing to note is that if you go in for a sword fight and they have forcefield on, you'll only be able to land one or two shots. With hackers, I usually run, light fire down, run, turn around hit once with sword, run, bow shot a few times. If they're a regen hacker I'll wait for them to stop moving, as that is a sign of a regen hacker. Then I'll light them on fire.
  8. Hotkeys tho
  9. Best method of killing a hacker : Using the ban hammer.

    But good tips and if my Internet wasn't poop, I'd go and use them.
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  10. Usually if they put timer on, they won't move because it makes them go at light speed.
  11. To kill the hacker, you must be the hacker, the aura of kill in you is powerful my friend.
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  13. I'm not sure but I think thanks o.o

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