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Discussion in 'Tips and Strategies' started by jefeperro, Jun 2, 2012.

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  1. So I can see the hater comments already but in order to earn victories and win the survival games you need to take risks and play aggressive. Don't care to much about your points. If.... I mean when you die there will be another game starting soon. Don't rage and quit, instead try to learn from what you did wrong. This guide will give you some strategy tips and pointers that I have used to amass 100 victories.

    MAP 1 (Old Map)
    The old map has an enchantment table and about a hundred chests. These chests refill at night. About 1/2 of all chests on the map can be obtained at spawn, in the pirate ship, and at the tower ruins across the bridge. I would suggest grabbing a weapon of some kind and getting to the boat. From there make your way to the crafting table on top of the tower across the bridge to craft an iron sword before you sprint jump your way to the enchantment table at the bottom of the ocean. Side note, don't waste your experience levels with higher than level 1 enchantments.... You can only get level 1 enchanted items weapons, if you have experience levels to waste do it on armor because you can get level II, III, or IV enchantments on armor. If you don't know what I am talking about try spectating a match and you will see more than one person run this line and more than likely win.
    A second strategy to the old map is run the opposite direction of the aforementioned line and kill as many skeletons and pigs as possible. Get bones and raw porkchops. Tame as many dogs as possible and feed two of them raw porkchops at a time. This will breed the dogs and you can bring a few dozen with you into the final deathmatch. If you an do this it doesn't really matter what type of armor/enchanted weapons your opoonent has.
    There is only leather armor in chests, and I have never seen diamonds, however some claim diamonds randomly spawn in the chest inside the gamemakers house next to spawn.

    MAP 2 (New Map)There are no dogs nor is there an enchantment table on this map. All sorts of iron and gold armor spawns in the cornocopia. You should try to run at the cornocopia and grab as much as you can, hopefully you will get lucky and pull two diamonds right off the bat. If you are not so lucky get the heck out of dodge and run in any direction. Again there are over 100+ chests on the map, some areas have more chests than others, but outside of the cornocopia all they contain are leather armor, food, stone/wood weapons and iron/gold ingots. prefer to run towards the village as there are a large number of people to kill and numerous chests to find.

    There can only be one winner but you can increase your odds of winning by joining a team. Now don't get on a team and camp spawn. You all should run out of spawn sticking nearby one another and open a few chests to get armor and weapons. There is strength in numbers. When push comes to shove and you have to kill one another have fun and slaughter each other but don't let the fight ruin your team for the next round.

    When fighting do not stand still or run strait at your opponent. ALWAYS strafe and sprint. Your main goal should be to get behind your opponent as they can not hit you if they are not looking at you. Also the element of surprise goes along way, stalk your prey, like a cheetah. Follow from above in the trees, hold shift so they can't see your name tag. When they least expect it (while in a chest or crafting or just after fighting another opponent) sneak in for the easy kill.

    View the minecraft wiki on wikipedia for the amount of damage each weapon does and how much damage each piece of armor will prevent. When it comes to weapons stone axes are better than wood and gold swords. With armor laether<gold<chain<iron<diamonds. Also don't forget ot craft yourself a pair of boots. That one extra damage reduction point can mean the difference between life and death.

    FOOD (HUNGER)Never let your food bar drop below three missing pieces of food. You want to be full hunger at all times so that you can outrun your opponent if needed, and so that you will regenerate hearts. Fishing is a waste of time. Find chests and punch mushroom. One bowl can give you enough food for the whole game. You do not need a crafting bench to make mushroom stew :) You used to be able to break a boat and craft a bowl from the three pieces of wood it dropped, but that no longer works.

    Last but not least the most important tip of all to have a successful survivor games. ENJOY YOURSELF AND DON"T TAKE THE GAMES TO SERIOUSLY. This is a game. It is designed to be entertaining. It is not life and death so please remember to have fun.
    This is a work in progress and I am open to any and all tips if you would like to add on to this guide.
    Thanks again and hopefully this will help you all survive a little bit longer.
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  3. loverthehater

    loverthehater Tribute

    Ranked #2 on the US servers.... Seems legit lol. But seriously, thanks for sharing your information and it's glad to see that not everyone over 50 victories has cheated. :)
  4. thanks for the tips! these should be useful to anyone who takes the time to read this thread.
  5. Awesome, thanks. :p
  6. who cheated?
  7. jefep thinks I cheat because I always kill him 4 minutes into the round.
  8. Jef always tries to cling on to me and take me out, I typically whoop his butt with a sword, but when he's got 3 buddies backing him up: just ain't cool.
  9. These are good tips, I've only won one game, these'll probably help me win more.
  10. loverthehater

    loverthehater Tribute

    A lot of people hack on the servers lol
  11. yeah I am starting to see them more when I actually look for them, speed hacks mostly, I recorded one and got them banned, but these 2 kids called homeless and reapster quit when they saw me /suicide at the start of a game to record them :/
  12. For running to the cornucopia, which chest to do you for? The outside? Or the inside? On a 24 server, and 48.
  13. you posted this in the wrong forum so i moved it ^^
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