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Discussion in 'Accepted Maps' started by Joshkey, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. Kharmunrah
    24 player and 48 player map
    700 Diameter (Give or take a few blocks)

    Kharmunrah is a medium sized map based around a giant pyramid in the middle of the desert. In the dessert the is an oasis, modern village, sphinx, sewer system, harbour with two boats, canyon. There is even a massive cave with a jungle on top, and on the jungle trees there are tree houses and walkways. As for in the cave there is a medival village it's crazy. Here are some pictures.

    2012-06-07_13.01.10 (800x419).jpg
    2012-06-07_13.01.44 (800x419).jpg
    The 24 player corn.

    2012-06-06_17.58.58 (800x419).jpg The Pyramid foundations.

    2012-06-19_16.43.30 (800x419).jpg A house hanging off a cliff in the modern village.

    2012-07-07_21.05.41 (800x419).jpg 2012-07-07_21.06.03 (800x419).jpg The sphinx plus the lava section of the map.

    2012-07-07_21.06.59 (800x419).jpg

    2012-07-07_21.07.38 (800x419).jpg

    2012-07-15_18.55.26 (800x419).jpg Pic of old map
    And i have reached the maximum picture upload so i cant show you the harbour or the town. If you would like to see more pictures check out the original post here http://www.minecraftsurvivalgames.com/threads/the-great-pyramid.4029/

    Apart from all the cool structures the map also has lots of traps, puzzles and parkours because we all know the egyptians liked there Booby traps especially in pyramids. ;) There is also a full story to the map which you can read in books dotted around the map but dont read for too long because someone might creep up on you and kill you. :)

    Now the part where i include everyone that helped make this map a reality. I thank you all for your help because without you none of this would have been possible.

    Team: Creater/ builder: Joshkey
    Lead Builder: Teije
    Plugin Manager: Poppi11
    Story Line: Daalexantor
    Builder: The_Soy_Man

    Builder: Jaunhbk1
    Builder: cbeeston1
    Builder: Guggex8
    Builder: cheezstiks
    Builder: richa-da-3rd
    Builder: Sneeze7
    Builder/redstone: Dracus
    Builder/redstone: jitsekrol
    Redstone: Aeruner
    Main Tester/ forum support : Und3adK1w15

    Plus many more people who helped with ideas on the forums and helped test the map i will put a list of all your name on the other post which you can find here. http://www.minecraftsurvivalgames.com/threads/the-great-pyramid.4029/

    This map can be played on of MCSG fine but the kingdoms main castle might (forget might, definatly) will catch fire to the wood floors due to lava touching wood. This is fine on servers because you can turn fire spread off but on single player it will burn down horribly. I might bring out an update to solve this in future. It is also recomended that you turn clouds off and use the original texturepack.

    The Download.
    Media fire link because i couldnt get it to upload staraight to here darn errors.
    Main MCSG download
    This Map is Designed for Mcsg.

    Piston start 24 player map.

    This map download is designed for use with no plugins so you can download it and play it with friends and also the kingdoms castle wont catch on fire on this one :D

    Files are in a zip folder and contain both 24 and 48 player map.

    Update: Fixed time trap, also improved sphinx.
    Update 2: Added stairs on pyramid for easy acsess. Also new version of the map that had a piston start for games with out the sg pluging.

    Update 3 "24 september" Fixed fire problem on piston corn"

    Kharmunrah by Joshkey is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

    Thanks and Enjoy the map!!!!!!!!!!

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    Last edited: Jan 5, 2014
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  2. Google Administrator

  3. Awesome!
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  4. some more pictures! 2012-09-20_11.51.40 (800x419).jpg 2012-09-20_11.52.34 (800x419).jpg 2012-09-17_16.37.42.png 2012-09-17_16.37.51.png 2012-09-17_16.38.14.png 2012-09-17_16.39.33.png 2012-09-17_16.40.32.png 2012-09-17_16.40.56.png 2012-09-17_16.41.28.png 2012-09-17_16.41.51.png
  5. Also a pic of the main pyramid.
    2012-09-17_15.18.48 (800x419).jpg
  6. A pretty nice map. great terraforming but the building isnt so great... *sphynx cough cough
  7. I dont think your creative enough with the buildings.
  8. Then you haven't seen the kingdom, there is a lot more then shown on the photos
  9. What? I love the sphinx. Of course, i might be a little biased
  10. ima download it
  11. I like this.
  12. If overgrown is accepted, this is a MUST! You MUST add it, for if not... I am gonna cry!
    Edit: I would have loved to helped, but when I first saw this map (when you still builded on the motel village) I was REALLY bad at building! And when I came back to see it, I was alot better at building, and it was nearly finished. (When the guy made the piston puzzle in the harbor town)
  13. Overgrown arena had amazing structures. This doesnt although it does have some nice landscape. Sorry tp say ot but i really couldnt see this getting implemented. BUT! I've downloaded the map and ima have a look around it then give a total review.

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