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MCSG Community Polls

Discussion in 'Survival Games Discussions' started by Bredinabox, Jul 30, 2013.


Should these reccomendations be taken into consideration?

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  1. As you may have read in the thread title, I am here to discuss a community related topic. I have been inspired by @BreadMan and HalfSquirrel. I am not here to receive negative replies or start a flame war. If you have not read @HalfSquirrels community rant, I recommend that you do so. If you choose not to read it, basically all we are trying to tell the staff is that the community need a bigger say in the choices that are made in MCSG. I am not saying anything bad about MCSG but just trying to help out and make the community more socially connected.

    I am here to recommend a few new things that should be added to MCSG. This thread is more related to community polls and maps more than anything else.

    As HalfSquirrel has said before, polls are on the forums for a reason. They should not be ignored if they are based on a big topic

    I will start off by recommending a feature that will allow the entire community to choose which maps should be added to the map list. As many of you know, maps are chosen by the staff. Every time I look at a map that has been posted on the forums, there is always a poll and a download section. The poll allows the community to choose if the map should be added or not, therefore the poll should be taken into consideration. Most of the time the polls are briefly looked over and just thrown aside. The community should be the ones to CHOOSE the maps that added, which leads to my final map recommendation. If the Developers have the time, may I recommend that they add a section on the forums called Community Map Polls. If Community Map Polls were to become a section on the forums, it should feature all the current maps that have been finished and have past the testing stages. Every thread will need a poll with 2 choices( 1. Would you like to see this map on MCSG or 2. Sorry but no). If you choose to post your map you will need at least 100 RANDOM participants to participate in your map poll. If at least 80 people choose that it should be added, it should be added. If most of the population say no, then sorry but it most not be worth playing.

    As most of you know, every map has testing games or a download link for the community to play. Only a small portion of the community end up downloading or participating in the map testing games. Which leads me to my next recommendation, testing servers. I am going to use the PMC servers as an example. The PMC servers are used to test the PMC competing maps. I would recommend they do something very similar for every map. MCSG should have testing servers which have 1-2 new maps every week.For every map that is in its testing stages, the staff should allow the entire community to try out the maps. Many maps are either added based off of it's info, pictures etc. Some maps look amazing but have a terrible gameplay. Therefore there should be a list of public testing servers instead of eu9001 and us69. On the servers such as eu9001, only a few maps are ever tested. If the staff created a list of testing servers, they should be capable of adding new maps every 1-2 weeks.

    Thanks for reading my long and confusing recommendation and remember that I love you all :p
  2. Google Administrator

  3. What if a map gets in a testing server, but is highly disliked? Should it get sorted out?
  4. There is currently a new system being created for adding maps, which involves a number of the top builders in MCSG. More information concerning this system will be revealed once it is ready.
  5. I think so, because that makes sense :p
    I agree completely with this. Except in this "Community Map Polls" section, it should only be sr. staff posted threads and in the thread there is a poll with X amount of options. Each option is a different map that has passed the testing stages, and then if it gets voted enough on the forums in this poll, then it can be added.
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