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Mini Hunger Games?

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by cheezstiks, May 27, 2012.

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  1. What if there were some Survival Games maps for just 8 or 12 people for quicker games if you don't have much time to play with smaller maps, maybe a radius of about 150-175. I don't really know it's just an idea.
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  3. why not? there would only be 10-15 chests (including the ones at corn) so it would be harder, but im not sure but i think hackers would be drawn to these like flies because they would be easy to locate people (with hacks) and thus get more items (with hacks) and then just dominating the arena because they have hacks. But that's sorta how the other games work so i might give it a try.
  4. Yeah, but then again it would probably make hackers easier to spot.
  5. so everytime you go on this map you need to be recording?
  6. No I didn't say that, I'm just saying they might be easier to see if they were drawn to these types of maps.
  7. Anyone with optifine (including myself) would see other players from 1 side of the dome to the other, so matches would be a lot more fast paced and exciting (and unfair to those who don't have optifine)

    I'm up for it.
  8. Doesn't that make optifine an illegal mod?

    see rules (click little arrow for full post):
  9. Don't ask me. Anyone can get Optifine, so it's okay with the Mods.
  10. in the third bullet it says that fps boosters are allowed (optifine)
  11. I heard that it allows you to zoom... I actually have no idea what it does, my META-INF is still there and I use PURE VANILLA Minecraft. It sure is ragequit material if modders get an advantage over me.

    Zooming is definitely an unfair advantage.

    (in case you're curious, I stick to vanilla for my own reasons and it has nothing to do with MCSG)
  12. actually its very inconvient to use and it will not give you a HUGE advantage it just boosts FPS by giving more video options
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