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My opinons on ALL the maps

Discussion in 'Map Archive' started by zukodark, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. Hi, this is my opinon on all the maps on the MCSG servers.
    • Survival Games 1. It is a fun map, but not my favorite. It takes skill here to make a chestroute, while it is many chests. 8.3/10
    • Survival Games 2. This is one of my favorites, it is alot of chests. It is easy to make a chestroute with a lot of tier 2 ones, telling you don't need as much luck if as the other maps. 9.5/10
    • Survivial Games 3. I don't like the vanilla jungle trees, so I don't like this really. It is a medium amount amount of chests. 5/10
    • Survival Games 4. This is really overplayed for the time, but I am gonna ignore that. It is medium-high amount of chests, but the tier 2 chests it may be many of, but they is spread around the map. It is difficult to get two, because everyone is spreading around and taking different ones first. If you is unlucky and not get anything good, it is difficult. 7.7/10
    • Breeze Island. Is a funny map, good for pvp, while little size, it has alot of chests. It is alot of landmarks around it in the ocean, and I don't take them. I am aiming for some of the mountains inside the main island. Before it was really overplayed, but with SG4 it has stopped. 9/10
    • Fortress Pyke. A little amount of chests, I don't like it. The fortress is a bit unatural, it would have been things that fortresses have. (Barracks, blacksmith, etc.) The boats is not that good made, but I think that the buildings, terrain and all of that only needs a bit tweeks. 6.4/10
    • Kharmunrah. Is a fun map, alot of chests, and alot of landmarks around the pyramid. The motel town is not good, the cliffs looks amazing, and I know it is difficult to give detail to somenthing like that. The lava place looks good, the river-village and the medival one is good. I don't like the oase. 9.3/10
    • Teweran. Is really detailed and good made. They use the furnaces, and that I think is nice. Personal I love it. 9.3/10
    • MCSG ruins sucks, they have used vanilla terrain and structures. The spawn is really easy to controll. Not much more to say. 0.5/10
    • Hungry Hills. The terrain looks amazing, but a medium amount of chests. Not much landmarks. My opinon is twisted about this. 4.7/10
    • Solar Frost. Cool tunnels and caves, but I have not played this. I may edit this when I have played it. 6/10
    • Yellowstone, once again I have never played it, but of creative I don't like it. Ugly blocks of obsidian on the mountain (or maybe volcano?) I may edit this when I have played it. 3.3/10
    • Sky Islands. They used a custom-generator, and have not fixed ugly glitches and such things. They pictured only the non-glitchy areas. I didn't find much chests, but there can be more than I think of the two times I have played it. 2.5
    • Japan. I have only played it once, the buildings looks amazing. Too much ways to get stuck. I don't know much chests. I may edit this later when I have played it more. 4.2/10
    • Overgrown. Boring map, the vanilla jungle trees... The structures is really well made and detailed, but too much is centered in the city place... I don't really like it. 3.4/10
    My favorites is:
    • Survival Games 2. I love it, alot of chests, good to make chestroutes.
    • Kharmunrah. It is funny and big, alot of chests.
    • Teweran. Really detailed and awesome terrain and structures.
    Remember this is MY opinons!
  2. Google Administrator

  3. I would say my favorite are:

    Survival Games 2
    Survival Games 4
    Breeze Island
    And, for the sheer hilarity of ALWAYS getting a weapon at corn, SG Japan

    Mine are SG3,Sg2,Overgrown,Breeze island,SG4
  5. Sg2, breeze island, terewan and... Kharmunrah >.>
  6. this is in the order i like the maps,
    1. sg2
    7.hungry hills
    8.solar frost
    9.ancient japan
    10.fortress pyke
    11. sg1
    13.skylands survivald
    14. mcsg ruins
    15.sg 4
  7. Guess I should rank them all then.

    1. SG 4
    2. SG 2
    3. Breeze Island
    4. Ancient Japan
    5. Teweran
    6. Fortress Pyke
    7. Yellowstone
    8. SG 3
    9. SG 1
    10. Kharmunrah
    11. Solar Frost
    12. MCSG Ruins
    13. Overgrown
    14. Skylands Survival
    15. Hungry Hills
  8. It is so easy to get stuck in Skylands. I hate that. But here's my top 5:
    1. Sg 4
    2. Sg 2
    3. Breeze Island
    4. Yellowstone
    5. Sg 3
  9. krackan

    Staff Member

    Many people don't know this... but on teweran there is something rather special around the dragons feet.... jus' sayin'....
  10. *Cough* Tier 2 double chest *Cough*
  11. krackan

    Staff Member

    There are 2 of them as well :) two, tier 2 double chests. I got diamond boots, 4 diamonds, full iron armor, 5 golden apples, exp bottles, potions of swiftness.... and a nice quick drop and a sudden stop off the cliff -.-
  12. Lol :p

    Those amazing items are, however the result of a glitch, and will likely be replaced with regular, randomized tier two loot.
  13. I'll write it short.
    1# SG4 Much tier 2 chests, short
    2# Sg2 much tier 2 chests, much routes, you can easily win without getting the chests at spawn at refill.
    3#Breeze Small Never played a game with2 chest refills. Sadly noob friendly ( 10000000000 water blocks :p ), really short
    4# Teweran looks nice, kinda interesting to using arrows on ice because they cant avoid as fast as they could if there weren't ice ,small
    5# Ancient Japan looks amazing, nice to play, small

    The other ones I dont like because (except solar frost) It always takes long or i think if i would create a vanilla world and build a spawn i have the same.
    I like Map 3 and Kharmunrah but it takes hours if the round is done.
    But most times if it gets Hungry Hills or some maps i just leave.

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