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Ok, you want to win SG. Let's go through some tips.

Discussion in 'Tips and Strategies' started by Hazzy16, Jul 9, 2013.

  1. Tip 1: Always jump and hit. These can create critical hits and does more damage per hit.

    Tip 2: Never back down. Most of the time you low on health and have been hitting someone and you think 'oh no, I better run' but don't. You never know, they may be low too.

    Tip 3: Go for refill. Ok a obvious tip but refill at middle does tend to have good loot and you get more chest, resulting in a stacked up player with armor and weapons to spare.

    Tip 4: Team, it's always better together. Try to make friends and team with them. After all how did Katniss win? With the help of teams (Rue and Peeta). But make sure you can trust them, you never know if they may backstab.

    Tip 5: Be lovable. Getting more friends and more people to like you will result in people placing a bounty, this can be a great boost to your points.

    Tip 6: Don't think your god. Don't try and kill a team or someone with a diamond sword when you only have a wooden sword. The outcome won't turn out well if you try (well most the times)

    Tip 7: Always have fun. Always being serious or being grumpy can affect your performance, always play with a smile. :D <- see a smile

    I hope this is handy for all you MCSG players out there.

    And 'May the lag be ever in your favor'

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  2. Google Administrator

  3. Edit: Read thoroughly through these, these tips aren't helpful imo, BACK DOWN if you have too, only team if necessary, don't just go ruin the game for others.
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  4. Forgot to mention, thanks for ruining the game!
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  5. What is your problem? He is just trying to help!
  6. My problem? Maybe that he is encouraging teams? And teams make this game less fun.
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  7. I think they make the game more fun. Without them there's no challenge which just becomes boring.
  8. There's enough teams as it is, we don't need more.
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  9. Personally, in my opinion, the more teams, the better.
  10. Teams make the game more challenging. Every game needs a good challenge. If it weren't for teams I would win just about every game. They push me to my limits.
  11. Lively

    Staff Member

    Let's all agree to disagree. I don't mind team when I'm in one, but when I play solo, I'd prefer not to see teams. Also, a lot of this stuff is common knowledge or common sense.
  12. He hasn't ruined the game, he has simply educated the noobs of mcsg. Don't you want your fights to be atleast challenging?
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  13. These are the worst tips I have ever seen o.o

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