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Discussion in 'Other Games' started by RogueHaven, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. In short, Overgrowth is a physics driven, fast-paced, highly moddible, action-adventure free running/parkour playground with anthropomorphic ninja bunnies - and it's only in alpha.

    It's produced by a four man indie development team responsible for a niche fighting game called Lugaru. Overgrowth is its "spiritual successor," inheriting its general motifs, races, and most importantly, the aim of building a fleshed out realistic fighting game.

    Like Minecraft, it has a very sandboxy feel. You can load up a world, open the in game editor and start building a custom map. From base jumping to a revenge epic, it has the tools to enable someone inexperienced in game development to create something awesome.

    It also has some very interesting AI. For example, if you drop a weapon, they'll make a mad dash to pick it up and fight back, or if you cut them across the stomach, they'll clutch at their wound. One feature I have a love/hate relationship with is that if they're about to die, they'll run for the help of an ally if one is nearby. It all makes for a very intense and detailed challenge.

    This is the video that started it for me:

    And here's a favorite of mine that shows of the amazing knife combat:

    And here's my first playthrough of a map:

    Please, tell me what you think of the game. I think it has crazy potential.
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  3. This game is amazing. I'm waiting till i get my new pc, then i will buy it and play the sh#t out of it ;)
  4. That's what I like to hear.

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