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Penguin Squad [Recruiting] [EU]

Discussion in 'Clans and Teams' started by xXExoticPenguinXx, Jan 6, 2013.

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    ~6'th of January 2013 - 15'th of December 2013~

    - Rest In Peace - The Penguin Squad <3

    ~Welcome to the official thread of the
    Penguin Squad, our MCSG Clan!~

    We are an Elite clan in the EU region, and our goal is to become one of the best European clans. The Penguin Squad is one of the longest ongoing clans in the EU region, and we're not planning to stop anytime soon! So far, we have shown our skills in multiple clan battles as shown below. And we hope to continue pwning rival clans! We will destroy everything and everybody that attempts to get in our way (by slapping them with fish)!

    To do this, we require YOUR help! We need YOU! Join us and become a part of our big penguin family!

    We have also got a Youtube channel for uploading clan events and clan battles, we are planning on uploading soon!
    Please do not send any random messeges on our thread, we want to keep it as clean as possible!



    These rules must be followed at all costs. We take them very seriously, and we will not make exceptions. All members of the clan shall be treated the same. Should you not follow the rules, you may be kicked temporarily or permanently. If you have an issue with the rules, please contact a member of staff in the clan.

    Do not break any of the MCSG rules.

    * Do not defy higher ranked members.

    * Make sure to type in "#PenguinSquad" in Pre-Game of any MCSG server.

    * Do not kill any of your fellow penguins, if it is not deathmatch or a clan event.

    * Be mature in our clan chats, one swear does not really matter but do not make it extreme.

    * Do not type in our information chat only, it is made only for information messages!



    We have, as any other clan, got some requirements that you will have to fulfill in order to join. If you are thinking about writing an application, make sure you meet the following expectations:

    * You must have skype. [No exceptions]

    * You must have atleast 250 wins. [May be some exceptions]

    * You must be atleast 12 years of age. [May be some exceptions]

    * Your application must meet our requirements. [No exceptions]

    * You may not be in or apply to any other clans. [May be some exceptions]


    Rank list~

    These are the current members of the Penguin Squad.

    Primary Ranks

    - Based on your activity and loyalty
    The following ranks must be earned by loyalty and activity. To rank up, make sure to be active and follow all rules. Also, help the clan out as much as you can, and do not make it look stupid in any way. These ranks are updated often.

    - Skype name: hjalle2000

    Co-Owner: KCHX11

    Head Administrator: ---

    Administrators: ---

    Head moderator: Benjanoob

    Moderators: eueu987, PiggzCanFly, shaunypie

    Helpers: Marcus_Sw, Jammy16, Sk1llz0fapr0

    Trusted Members: skillzofapro, sickboy9, TCG_davve_x2000

    Members: charlietreeman, bester911, thingy182, Wrechxorz

    Members On Trial: ---

    Clan Battle Organisers
    : hjalle00, KCHX11, Benjanoob

    Technicians: eueu987

    Cheerleaders: william04789, mylilfony, Avaline, JMullins783
    (^ Clan supporters)
    Secondary Ranks
    - Based on your amount of wins

    The following ranks are earned by your ability to win games on MCSG. Do not be disheartened if you are low on the list, work to become better, and one day you shall be moved up. These ranks are updated often, but don't be annoyed if it is not changed as soon as you get to the next rank. If it is not changed within a few days, contact the leader.

    Hax0rs (+700):
    bester911, shaunypie, hjalle00
    - Shows everyone with +700 wins in the clan

    Nubs (+600)
    : ---

    - Shows everyone with +600 wins in the clan

    Hardcore (+500): thingy182, Wrechxorz, PiggzCanFly

    - Shows everyone with +500 wins in the clan

    Elites (+400): charlietreeman, Glasgowdude

    - Shows everyone with +400 wins in the clan

    Pros (+300):
    - Shows everyone with +300 wins in the clan



    To become a part of the Penguin Squad, you must apply below. We check applications frequently, but don’t get angry if we do not reply quickly. If we do not reply within a few days, please contact the leader on Skype. If you are not accepted, it may be because you lied about something, or do not fit the requirements. We would appreciate it if you didn not get angry for being denied, just accept it and move on. To apply, fill in the following:

    Minecraft Name

    Skype Name:
    Nick Name:
    Current Wins:
    Current Points:
    Games Played:
    Why Do You Want To Join:
    How Often Do You Play:
    How Much Do You Like Fish:

    I, "Your Name", Accept The Rules And Will Follow Them

    ~Asking or bothering us whether you are accepted or not will decrease your chances of getting accepted. If we have not replied yet, your application is pending!~


    ~Clan Battles~

    Victories: 18
    Defeats: 3

    We have played many difficult and challenging battles, along with some quite relaxed ones. We have faced many clans, and we have a very good W/L ratio as a clan. We love having clan battles, and if you wish to face us please look below as to how to contact our owner and organise one. We will try to have atleast 1 clan battle a week, but we also play alot of inter clan battles and FFA's within the clan.

    See you on the battlefield…

    If you want any further information about these clan battles, or would like to battle us yourselfs, add our clan leader on skype (Scroll up to the Rank List). Do NOT ask on the thread.


    Penguin Squad
    VS Alpha Squad

    - VICTORY (1-0)

    Penguin Squad VS Armageddon
    - VICTORY (Forfeit)

    Penguin Squad VS The Rivals
    - VICTORY (3-1)

    Penguin Squad VS The Warriors
    - VICTORY (2-1)

    Penguin Squad VS Born-Winners (Hive)
    - VICTORY (1-0)

    Penguin Squad VS Apex
    - VICTORY (3-1)

    Penguin Squad VS TheFreakz

    - DEFEAT (1-3)
    Comment: They spawned on the right places, got the good chest-routes, and won. They disbanded so we can't have a rematch against them anymore...

    Penguin Squad VS Under Rated

    - DEFEAT (1-3)
    Comment: We didn't use our best team, the teamwork was bad. We tried to get a rematch with them, but they refused to battle again. After that they disbanded...

    Penguin Squad VS The Beasts
    - VICTORY (2-0)

    Comment: Complete pwnage. Easiest clan battle so far. Good teamwork, and their team weren't good at all.
    Penguin Squad VS The Lunix
    - VICTORY (2-0)

    Comment: Good teamwork, not very good players in the other clan, won pretty easy.

    Penguin Squad VS Instinct
    - VICTORY (3-1)

    Comment: Good teamwork, easy win. It really suprises me that they won a round...

    Penguin Squad VS TheStrongOnes
    - VICTORY (3-1) (3v3)
    Comment: Excellent teamwork, good tactics, good win. The round they won they hunted us with stone swords from spawn...
    Hero(s): thedarkenter, shaunypie, Minialan9

    Penguin Squad VS TeamSypher
    - VICTORY (1-0) (6v6)
    Comment: Good teamwork, 3 members from both teams died in a waterbattle (They had an armor advantage), and then on land we killed them all with 3 people left.
    Hero(s): PiggzCanFly

    Penguin Squad VS BloodHunters
    - VICTORY (3-0) (2v2)
    Comment: Great teamwork, awesome job by our two members. Their members did okay but they were far away in the amount of PvP skills and teamwork. We were going to have a first to five but after we won 3 rounds in a row without any bigger troubles, they gave up.
    Hero(s): shaunypie, fluffyninjaaa

    Penguin Squad VS Oculus
    - VICTORY (3-0) (2v2)
    Comment: Okay teamwork, they did really bad. They cheated the first and the third round, killing to early and block glitching, but it didn't really matter since we still won the rounds... One of their members got a huge rage and spammed everybody on skype aswell.
    Hero(s): ---

    Penguin Squad VS TeamParadox
    - VICTORY (3-0) (3v3)

    Comment: Good teamwork, Good game. It were their first clan battle, so it wasn't really the hardest one. They were very friendly and there were no arguments what so ever! :D
    Hero(s): Jammy16, shaunypie

    Penguin Squad VS Intense
    - VICTORY (3-0) (3v3)
    Comment: Well played by our team. Good teamwork overall. They didn't do very well, and the clan battle didn't really get that Intense... lel.
    Hero(s): ---

    Penguin Squad VS Forgotten
    - DEFEAT (1-3) (8v8/7v7)
    Comment: What can you say? We lost to the best MCSG clan. They had the best routes, teamwork and skills. We did our best, and won a round. We kinda screwed ourselfs the last round by telling a member to do /kill so we could have a spectator, and it became a 7v8. GG Forgotten, hope to rematch you soon (But not too soon).
    Hero(s): ---

    Penguin Squad VS Chaotic
    - VICTORY (3-0) (3v3)
    Comment: Easy clan war, we killed them in all situations and had the armor advantage by getting the best chest routes. It got a little bit Chaotic when they started the clan war out with cheating (Attempting to kill before the grace period was over, taking banned items) but it didn't effect the outcome of the clan war.
    Hero(s): ---

    Penguin Squad VS Growth
    - VICTORY (3-0) (3v3)
    Comment: Relaxed clan war, our members both 1v2'd them and 1v3'd them in rounds some of us got killed of spawn, but still managed to take their whole team out by their own.
    Hero(s): ---

    Penguin Squad VS TheFruityBunch
    - VICTORY (3-0) (3v3)
    Comment: Not too much to say, another easy clan war that we won without any bigger problems.
    Hero(s): ---


    //Hjalle and the Penguin Squad staff

    Last edited: Dec 22, 2013
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  2. Google Administrator

  3. IN GAME NAME: Deadzombiesyum
    SKYPE NAME: Deadzombiesyum
    AGE: 14
    STRENGTH: Land Fights, Water Fights, Wooden Axe Warfare :D, Flint n' Steel
    WEAKNESS: I'm not the greatest bow sniper
    I WANT TO JOIN BECAUSE: I just left Chrome cause it is dieing, and I want to join a clan that is not big, and appears to become good
    HOW OFTEN DO I PLAY: Like an hour on weekdays, and more on weekends
  4. Deadzombiesyum, Welcome to the clan. :)
  5. yayayayy!!!!!!!!!!! What rank am I?
    I WANT TO JOIN BECAUSE:BECUASE IT SOUNDS REALLY EPIC AND deadzombiesyum made me find this clan
  7. accept him hes good :D
  8. IN GAME NAME:american_nomad
    SKYPE NAME:american.nomad52

    STRENGTH: fighting 1v1 2v2 or 2v1, and sword battles
    WEAKNESS:water battles
    I WANT TO JOIN BECAUSE:i want to join because i believe this clan has potential, my clan, Team Chrome is falling apart, and my brother is deadzombiesyum
  9. I am sorry American_nomad, but you need to have atleast 50 wins to join the clan.

    - Apply again later when you have enough.
  10. Amarican_nomad, the clan is recruiting as you probably know, and i have set the win limit down too 35 wins. So you will be able too join now if you're still interested
  11. IN GAME NAME: CarissaTT
    SKYPE NAME: awkward.carissa
    CURRENT WINS: Three. I was only a builder, and even help build the maps, however I never actually played. I only just started playing, so give me a chance.
    AGE: 15
    STRENGTH: I help build the maps (check builders board in spawn) good at pvp, know where all chests are.
    I WANT TO JOIN BECAUSE: I'd like to be part of a team.
    HOW OFTEN DO I PLAY: Normally 2-3 games a day now. I moderate for evolution gaming so I don't have too much time on my hands.
  12. Sorry guys, but I'm leaving. This clan is wayyy to inactive, and the Rank list hasn't even been updated.
  13. Okey, im sad to hear that Deadzombiesyum. About the rank list, every time i try to edit the text the whole website crashes

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