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Discussion in 'Other Games' started by superhafiz41, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. superhafiz41

    superhafiz41 Survivor

    Who plays it? Im currently in love with it its a pokemon and an mmo combined!!! I mean its fun as heck and the games completely free but im sure ill get bored of it when I become like the most op trainer ever I think theres duping (dupes all lvl 100 pokemon) lol well so i wanna know who plays it
  2. Google Administrator

  3. Is it a game or is it a modification? It sound's cúl but what is it?
  4. I can play it but the sound is F*cked up so..
  5. Does this game have Data Values, Effort Values, STAB Attacks, ect... or do I have to learn stuff from scratch?
  6. Itslike you play it on a gameboy you start from zero.. Just to make it simple its just singleplayer you spawn in your room gets to oak get your pokemon battle your rival then your free to go just regular stuff BUT its multiplayer so you see people running around you can battle them trade etc. more questions? Feel free to ask :)
  7. Which gameboy version? The thing I stated have been added over the generations. Heck, if it goes by the rules of only the gameboy version and not the newer DS ones (Gen 4 and 5) it changes everything again entirely. I'm very OCD when it comes to pokemon.
  8. Firered
  9. Was about to make a thread about this. I'm Cashkid on it, just started this morning.

    Made a vid on how to install it for noobs :3

  10. superhafiz41

    superhafiz41 Survivor

    Lol I beat it to ya My name is superhafiz on it because it dosent allow numbers :\
  11. Oh, that's why Cashkid32 didn't work.

    I bet that your vid is better. I should've rehearsed first.
  12. superhafiz41

    superhafiz41 Survivor

    Vid of what the tutorail video? naw i didint make one I figured out how to install it by my self
  13. superhafiz41

    superhafiz41 Survivor

    Btw im playing right now lvling up my pidgey

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