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Race for the Wool Game

Discussion in 'Anything Minecraft' started by Tree_TheBigKind, Dec 21, 2012.

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  1. I have known about a game in minecraft called Race for the Wool made by Vechs. I have been wanting to play it but I am unable to find someone that can host a server. This will be a page for those who either want to play as well or for those who are able to host a server.
    Current Members:
    Leader: Tree_TheBigKind
    Server Owner: Currently none
    Members: Gameraider, infamouscookie


    Able to host a server:
    Can you host a server?
    Would you be willing to allow others to play on it?
    Can you download a map and use that as the server?
    Will you cooperate to the best of your ability?

    Want to play for fun as well:
    How old are you?
    Know common sense rules such as don't cheat?
    Know that you will be banned from the server if you break a rule?

    Also, if you want to see what race for the wool is, look here-

    Ignore the titles, this was from a competition. The gameplay is the focus of it
  2. Google Administrator

  3. Yo! Applyin' fo team tree! Bros best be getting scared.
  4. Accepted!! Hope we get enough players to play :D
  5. Gameraider said it best- applying fo' team tree! (it's infamouscookie btw)
  6. Haha I should really tell people to do the application :p but I know you're good so:
    Accepted :D
  7. To anyone wanting to play this, Creepers R Us 12 is going to host a tournament of the race for the wool. Do not apply for this one as I am going to compete in his tournament. This saves me the work of having to find someone to host a server and I will not have to take care of any others.
  8. So are you going to still have me and gameraider as your teammates or not?
  9. I am not sure yet. I will be in touch shortly to tell you whether or not it is gonna be us
  10. yeah bros i am looking to join a team and play with you LD
  11. I am really sorry but I have already gotten my team together. You can still get your own team and enter the tournament hosted by creepers r us. To find the thread for that, search "race for the wool". You can submit your team there.
  12. is this still going on
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