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Remember: Gold SUX!!!

Discussion in 'Tips and Strategies' started by Qazfdsa, Jul 17, 2012.

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  1. Remember that gold armor is crap, but not as much as golden swords. Almost everyone I've talked to in lobby said good is twice as good as diamond, but beleive me it's far worse. A golden sword does the same damage as a wooden sword and wears out WAY faster. One time a persons say I had full iron and a diamond sword and they had golden armor and a golden sword, and they came at me thinking they would own me. The funny thin is first off there sword broke before they hardly caused me any damage, and they called me a hacker for not dying. Then when I killed them in just a few hits they called me a hacker again saying there's no way I could kill them that fast and threatened to report me. Then he said "Prepare to be banned" and left. ( well what now sucker, I'm not banned from you!!!) #BackToTopic: gold SUX. DON'T WEAR IT or USE IT unless its all u have.
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  3. Gold armor is decent. I don't know what your talking about. Sure I would wear iron over gold but gold is still a decent armor.
  4. gold is better than leather and chain
  5. Chain is slightly better than gold and gold wears out wuick
  6. ah okay, im not to slick on armor stuff
  7. Okay I'll make somewhat of a chart.

    First I'll sort by item.

    Leather= half an armor
    Gold= 1 armor
    Chain= 1 armor
    Iron= 1 armor
    Diamond= 1 and a half armor

    Leather= 1 and a half armor
    Gold= 2 and a half armor
    Chain= 2 and a half armor
    Iron= 3 armor
    Diamond= 4 armor

    Leather= 1 armor
    Gold= 1 and a half
    Chain= 2 armor
    Iron= 2 and a half armor
    Diamond= 3 armor

    Leather= half an armor
    Gold= half an armor
    Chain= half an armor
    Iron= 1 armor
    Diamond= 1 and a half

    Add them up for the set amount.

    Durability goes:
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  8. I think you mean; Leather<Gold < Chain=Iron < Diamond
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  9. Yep, Wrong arrow.
  10. Chain is only slightly better than gold, and iron is way better than chain. Gold has 5 1/2 armor, chain has 6 armor, iron has 7 1/2.

    Oh, that concerned durabillity. Stupid me.
  11. Chain is nearly equivalent to iron.
  12. In durabillity it is equal, but in armor, no way buddy.
  13. I usually only make gold swords for swag :p
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