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Saturation Bar

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by DracoSkull, May 17, 2012.


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  1. The Saturation Bar should be reset when the games are about to start.
    If you do not know what it is, Click on one of the links.


    The Saturation Bar is kind of like a "Second Hunger Bar". When it empties, The Normal Hunger Bar is able to empty.
    When you start a Survival Game, the Saturation Bar is empty, allowing your Hunger Bar to lower very quickly.
    When you start a Normal Minecraft World, the Saturation Bar is full, allowing for a buffer, so you can find food before you die.
  2. Google Administrator

  3. yea it should be ful
  4. I say yes. People usually sprint it off really quickly though.
  5. The point of the saturation bar is so that they won't sprint it off as fast. I got through the whole bar in like 30 seconds - 1 Minute. I sprint to get away, to prevent death.

    If this were added, it'd be like starting a Regular Minecraft World, you have a little buffer before you need to worry about food,
  6. Agreed
  7. I agrre but it won't change anything because you will all be the same therefore we will all last longer.
  8. wut...
  9. I like the system where it is, it makes finding food/weapons/armor all a big deal. You have to survive. I was surprised when I ran out of food and it didn't kill me as I was expecting it to.
  10. I think it should be at least half full at start. Otherwise, people running away at the start don't have much of a chance, they die before nightime if they don't find any food...
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  11. It's the Survival Game, it makes it harder to survive when it starts at 0. I think they should keep it as it, don't want to start making the game too easy.
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  12. It's fine how it is. A second hunger bar like thing would make it too easy to survive with food, and too hard to survive without, completely ruining the game for people that don't rush the cornucopia at the start and sprint off to somewhere else.
  13. After thinking about this, It might be better to keep the bar down. We want the matches to be fast and this is not the way to help with it. Also, it forces players to fight for chests quickly.
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