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server ips

Discussion in 'General Support' started by thedefender32, Jun 19, 2012.

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  1. thedefender32

    thedefender32 New Member

    i cant find where the ips r listed, can someone tell me one or tell me how to get in one
  2. Google Administrator

  3. thedefender32

    thedefender32 New Member

    can i just have an ip
  4. whalemomma

    whalemomma New Member

    Firedog, i know where that link is, but on the page the link takes me where do i find the ips?
  5. see all the green bars ? yeah on those are all the ip's
  6. jefeperro

    Diamond Sponsor

    the new server list sucks... it is delayed to much making it nearly impossible to join a game anymore
  7. Stijn

    Stijn Active Member

    Just add al the servers ingame. Then its a lot easier to join.
  8. I have other servers on my list and it just gets too long. Either way, only the server list tells you which servers are in lobby/dm/etc. I can only keep about 3 servers on my list without getting annoyed.
  9. Stijn

    Stijn Active Member

    I just wait till some servers are restarted and then spam the refresh button till they are back up :D
  10. I add 1 server that's in the lobby and 2 in deathmatch/restarting normally :) Refresh until a spot opens :p
  11. ChadTheDJ

    Staff Member

    The thing is that this page updates around every minute so you can guess what servers you should be constantly flooding with logins if you see it ending soon.
  12. Just remember:

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