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Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by Gamzrok24, Apr 19, 2012.

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  1. Gamzrok24

    Gamzrok24 Spectator

    I think that instead of being a spectator when you die, you should become a sponsor. What this basicly does for you, is that you slowly get "points" overtime, and you can use those points to buy things such as pieces of armor, food, weapons, etc. For Example:

    1 point every minute

    5 points: Bread
    10 Points: Cooked Beef
    15 Points Iron Helm
    20 Points Iron sword

    And you should start out with a few points as soon as you become a sponsor. :D.

    Hope you put this in because it would add a whole new flavor to the game :).
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  2. Google Administrator

  3. Ot Instead of spectating, we are just called "sponsers". After time the points gather up, and you can choose someone to sponser. When you have enough points, you can buy them certain items and they would appear in the players inventory.
  4. Gamzrok24

    Gamzrok24 Spectator

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  5. Curtis111

    Curtis111 Spectator

    This sounds great! If they implemented this it would be awesome :D
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  6. Nojay

    Nojay Spectator

    This is a great idea!
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  7. Fieryfox

    Fieryfox Spectator

    Or when we die, we become a sponser and we can follow a tributes and give them things though could have it limited to what we can give ect.
  8. Concavy

    Concavy Spectator

    Good idea! Add this please :)
  9. ArrogantSock

    ArrogantSock Spectator

    However, to prevent any unfairness, I think a person should be limited to one sponsor, and only one gift per 5 minutes or something of the sort... it would be great if we could leave a little message too haha. Nevermind about the message thing that would make cheating waaay too easy!
  10. Gamzrok24

    Gamzrok24 Spectator

    I glad you guys like my idea :). Now we just need to get an admin to like it too...
  11. CalfEggs

    CalfEggs Tribute

    Nice idea! I approve!
  12. Gamzrok24

    Gamzrok24 Spectator

    Bump. I need an admin to post on here thanks :).
  13. Kreek

    Kreek Spectator

    I support this idea. I think it may need a little tweaking but it could work out nicely and give us spectators a thing to do.
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