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Super Pirate Battle Royale Server

Discussion in 'Anything Minecraft' started by Mo_, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. Mo_

    Mo_ New Member

    Wouldn't it be cool if the PvP map super pirate battle royale was played on a server just like survival games? does anyone know of a server that continuously has a cycle of super pirate battle royal games going on?
  2. Google Administrator

  3. >.>
    Lemme clear this up for you...
    THIS is Survival Games
    THAT is Super Pirate Battle Royale
    They have hardly anything in common! This is never gonna happen. The Battle Royale map wouldn't even work DX
  4. He asked if anyone knew a server like this that has a continuous cycle of Super Pirate Battle Royal games.
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  5. I'm saying there's never gonna be a server like that dude...
  6. Why?! It sounds like it could be a fun idea :(
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  7. How would you get a corncopia on a boat? :p
  8. Make a very large boat
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  9. I think he is talking about the Minecraft minigame created by Sethbling and Disco. Its basically two teams and they each have to blow up each others boat.
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  10. Mo_

    Mo_ New Member

    Firstly, thanks plonize for backing me up. Secondly, the Arena Master I mean that it would be cool if the pirate map could be played continuously on a server just like how the survival games map is played on many servers.
  11. Arena u KINDA came back with a dicky responce, it COULD happen, Don't if u dont have anything nice to say....Please, Don't Say it!
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