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SURVIVAL GAMES Survival Games: Fortress Pyke

Discussion in 'Accepted Maps' started by NorthyO, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. Standing on a deserted island is Fortress Pyke, the location of the Survival Games!


    Hey guys! I'm happy to present to you our new map, Fortress Pyke! I had an amazing team of builders to help on this map, which we just finished up today. There may be some changes to the map in the future after we get some feedback, but this is v1!

    Set on the cliff-side of a small, hilly island is the fortress of Pyke. Along with the main castle and towers, there are 2 pirate ships, a small abandoned village, and 2 smaller islands off the mainland. There are many intricate traps on this map, along with plenty of hidden chests. Designed to be only a 24 tribute map, it is 500x500.

    Map made by:
    Leader & Builder - xBayani

    With help from:
    Builder - YoshiYamiYori
    Builder - exer60
    Builder - x3z8
    Builder - Ssidydyce
    (Let me know if I missed you, I couldn't remember everyone)

    DL link for the map (Without any plugins)

    Here are some more screenshots of the map!
    Pyke 3.png
    Pyke 4.png

    10/16 - Final update for the map. Changed one trap (Still does the same thing, but it is more accurate now) Updated DL link.
    9/26 - Updated DL link with final changes (Removed the tree you would sometimes spawn in and made the center of cornucopia a little bigger)
    9/22 - Updated DL. 1 chest added and a bug fixed (specifically couldn't open a chest because there was a block above it).
    9/21 - Updated DL for the map as some of the traps were not working, they are now fixed.

    Attached Files:

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  3. Looks awesome! I'd love to try it out on the MCSG servers someday soon. :p
  4. Thank you! My team did a really amazing job helping me out with this one, so we hope that everyone likes it. There's a DL link in the description if you want to see it for yourself. I'm not sure if we're going to do beta testing for this map yet, but if so I'll let everyone know. Also, a video should be up tomorrow of a fly around of the map.
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  5. Sweet! Downloading right now, can't wait to get a closer look!
  6. Your pictures must have a ridiculously high file size because its taking me and my friends fooooorever just to load them.
  7. Sorry about that. They are pretty big, but I think there's something wrong with the website as well, cuz its been very slow for me since last night.
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  8. You very much could be right. I believe they may have suffered a Dos attack last night. Their servers where down for quite some time.
  9. Lol checking out the map right now, theres one block on the pirate ship near corn thats Dark woodplank instead of light 12312wer23 damn my ocd lmao
  10. That could be the ladder that you're seeing, I'll check it out later. But anyway if the pictures still aren't loading you can see them here: http://s1264.beta.photobucket.com/user/NorthyO/library/Minecraft Builds
  11. Allllright Checked out the hole map as far as ive been able to tell. Very very good job guys. Fully endoresed by me. Chests look like they're fairly evenly distributed which has been the problem with alot of the other community maps ive looked at. The big pirate ship certainly looks like the place to go though. 4 chests and a double chest. why go anywhere else :p no parkour at all just chests :p Top 2 maps at least so far! well done guys take a well deserved rest and DIAMONDS!!!! lol

    This maps got the moves like Jagger! lol
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  12. I swear to god they better put this map on the servers
  13. Oh and Northy you forgot to add me as inspiration

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