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Team Plasma!

Discussion in 'Clans and Teams' started by Sammoko, Feb 14, 2013.

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  1. Hello fellow MCSG players!
    I'm here to create a Minecraft group for pretty much anything, within reason, it could MCSG, Building, Survival and anything else gaming related! I have lots of ambitions for this group but the main one would have to be the fact I want it to thrive. The only real requirement I have for people to join is that they have some basic Pokemon knowledge preferably of generation 5.

    So here's the template to become a Team Plasma Grunt (new member)
    Minecraft IGN:
    Real Name:
    Preferred Region to play in (Preferable AU) :
    Coolness Level:
    Favorite Pokemon and Why:
    Capable of using Skype or TeamSpeak:
    If you were to be accepted as a Grunt I would like it if you could change your Minecraft skin to this:
    And I would like it if you would change/add this to your signature:
    If you wish to become one of the Seven Sages of Team Plasma you must be a cool and trustworthy person. These will be chosen by me alone.
    THE ROSTER 2/20
    Lord N (Leader): Sammoko
    N's Darmanitan (Co-Leader):
    The Seven Sages
    Ghetsis (1st Officer): Jack (uygkuh)
    Zinzolin (2nd Officer): Tarrant111
    Ryoku (3rd Officer): No one!
    Giallo (4th Officer): No one!
    Rood (5th Officer): No one!
    Bronius (6th Officer): No one!
    Gorm (7th Officer): No one!
    The Grunts
  2. Google Administrator

  3. First!

    Best of luck with the clan, hope it goes well.
    The idea is actually really cool :p.
    If I wasn't in Rebels, I'd definitely apply.

    Hopefully this clan prospers.. then, the ultimate grudge match clan battle with commence :p.
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  4. Lmfao, Team Plasma? Well, I totally love this guy:

    Minecraft IGN: Hystericallify
    Real Name: Farhan
    Age: 15
    Coolness Level: It wasn't Kyurem who froze Unova. It was me :cool:
    Favorite Pokemon and Why: Reuniclus! Because Psychic controls everything and I loooove just how he looks! Other than Gen V, I love Mudkip because he is just so adorable!!
    Capable of using Skype or TeamSpeak: Skype, yes. Teamspeak, eeeh, kinda.
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  6. There! Posted my application..
  7. You have been accepted! You can start of as a grunt, male or female.
  8. Male :3
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  9. </3
  10. Just asking why is the name Team Plasma? Why its not really based on it Lol just saying , I'd like to apply to be a Pokemon fan :3

    Minecraft IGN: hendrick1999Real Name: HendrickAge: 14 On August 2ndPreferred Region to play in (Preferable AU) : AU :3Coolness Level: 7 <--- best for 1 - 10 Favorite Pokemon and Why: Cyndaquil #DemAsianEyes!Capable of using Skype or TeamSpeak: Yes
  11. Hend what do you mean by this?:
    But anyway your accepted as a grunt!
  12. I remember my childhood, I dreamed about becoming a Pokémon master :p
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