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by ChadTheDJ at 1:11 PM
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Hello MCGamers! If you were on the fence about upgrading, now is the time! We wanted to share with you details on our largest sale yet to date. Until Monday, we are discounting our ranks to the following prices:

by subv3rsion at 11:43 PM
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Happy Turkey Day, Tributes!

Here at MCGamer, we usually have potatoes ready to serve. Well, maybe not potatoes today, but we do have some bug fixes and updates for the stability of our network.
Our team has been hard at work trying to perfect the network over the past few days, as well as pumping out the stats update -- unfortunately, we’re simply not done yet, but we will be soon!

Here’s a list of what has changed over the past few days:
  • Improvement of disguised players being hidden. You should no longer be able to spot disguised players by commands (sponsoring, etc.)
  • Flint and Steel update for QQ/SGC, as it seems successful in SG
  • Survival Bingo and AVN game-types: duplicate join/quit messages should no longer be occurring
  • Survival Bingo: Chest/Furnace/etc. protection works once again
  • Map Update: Fix SG hub
  • Map Update: Fix SG4 in SG
  • Map Update: The Lost Zoo (just fixing the name!)
  • Map Updates: Several “Unknown Maps” have been renamed properly...
by Scott at 3:34 PM
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Hello tributes!

Week 6 has been a pretty good week for the Cleansweep, and we are progressing in reaching our goal: eliminate hackers in the EU region. As we continue to catch and ban hackers using the current process, we are looking into more efficient and effective strategies for doing so. If you have any ideas, feel free to PM me, Nephilim, AlpakaWhacker, or Col_StaR.

Please don’t forget that, due to scheduling issues and time management, each sweep is organized for a span of two hours. As such, knowing when to schedule a time when the most hackers will be on is essential to our efforts. The times of our current sessions may change to suit where the community needs us most. If you have any suggestions as to when you have been noticing a higher amount of hackers, please let us know either via Private Message or with a comment here. We will take these suggestions into account, experiment with time zones, and organize sweeps during the times when hackers are most...
by KitMencha at 5:29 AM
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Hello, tributes!

As we progress further into the 5th MCGamer Awards, we’re proud to announce that things have been very successful so far! After just one week of having nominations open, we managed to get over 350 votes. After tallying, we are ready to present the 5 nominees for each category.

If you’re not quite sure what any of this is, refer to the original thread, found here. There, you can find all the information about the Awards, and some important dates to stick on your calendar!

Now, without further ado, here are the results:

Best Owner:
  • Chadthedj
  • Mufasa
Best Cat:...

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