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by Scott at 3:34 PM
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Hello tributes!

Week 6 has been a pretty good week for the Cleansweep, and we are progressing in reaching our goal: eliminate hackers in the EU region. As we continue to catch and ban hackers using the current process, we are looking into more efficient and effective strategies for doing so. If you have any ideas, feel free to PM me, Nephilim, AlpakaWhacker, or Col_StaR.

Please don’t forget that, due to scheduling issues and time management, each sweep is organized for a span of two hours. As such, knowing when to schedule a time when the most hackers will be on is essential to our efforts. The times of our current sessions may change to suit where the community needs us most. If you have any suggestions as to when you have been noticing a higher amount of hackers, please let us know either via Private Message or with a comment here. We will take these suggestions into account, experiment with time zones, and organize sweeps during the times when hackers are most...
by KitMencha at 5:29 AM
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Hello, tributes!

As we progress further into the 5th MCGamer Awards, we’re proud to announce that things have been very successful so far! After just one week of having nominations open, we managed to get over 350 votes. After tallying, we are ready to present the 5 nominees for each category.

If you’re not quite sure what any of this is, refer to the original thread, found here. There, you can find all the information about the Awards, and some important dates to stick on your calendar!

Now, without further ado, here are the results:

Best Owner:
  • Chadthedj
  • Mufasa
Best Cat:...
by Devin at 1:37 AM
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Hello all,

It's been a few days since our last update post, so here's another one for you! We've been busy on a lot of behind-the-scenes things to improve our network's stability and performance over the past few days. Although there isn't too much on the list of fixes tonight, a lot of the work we did fixes several major issues. As always, if you find a bug, please report it on our bug tracker by clicking here.
  • Greatly improve stability of our DS (Dynamic Servers) system
  • Fix flint and steel
  • Fix the /cc (chat color) command, which is available to Platinum ranks and above
  • Fix invisible fire
  • Add the capability to /report disguised players
  • Fix a rare server crash issue related to player visibility
We're also aware of an issue where some of the newer maps are displayed as "Unknown Map". This will likely be fixed tomorrow night.

Stay tuned for further updates!
by DV_Raiton at 11:44 PM
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Hello once again tributes. Today brings another slew of features and bug fixes, the most significant of which are outlined below.

Our most major issues were resolved over the past weekend, and we are confident that our network stable, as you would have come to expect it to be. Please continue to let us know of any new issues that you encounter on our Github Issues page, as we are working to resolve all remaining minor issues.
  • Fixed an issue with player upgrades being redeemed in-game
  • Fixed an issue preventing newly added SG maps from being added to the rotation
  • Fixed an issue with the /stats command when passing nonexistent players
  • Fixed an exploit with a command
  • Employed some of our new, powerful statistics systems to track player counts as well as other miscellaneous stats and to draw pretty graphs
  • Allow more chat-related features to propagate to other hubs as dictated by the hub chat...

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