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  2. Our servers now support any version of Minecraft between 1.7.2 and 1.7.9! It is recommended that you use either 1.7.2, 1.7.4, 1.7.5, or 1.7.9 for the best experience.

Minecraft Survival Games (MCSG™)

by Devin at 7:57 PM
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EDIT: Maintenance delayed until tomorrow night at 9:00 PM CDT due to internal circumstances.


We have planned a maintenance on the US network tonight about an hour from this post (11:00 PM CDT) to improve performance of our servers. This maintenance is expected to take a maximum of 2 hours (and thus end sometime before 1:00 AM CDT); however, we may schedule additional time if more issues arise.

During this time, the entire US network will be offline. You are welcome to play on our EU, CA, or AU networks in the meantime.
by Devin at 12:34 PM
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Not sure how many of you saw, but just passing on the message from Chad's Twitter that there will be a MCSG/MCGamer meet-up in Melbourne VIC, Australia today!

For information, please see Chad's tweet:

Stay tuned to Chad's Twitter for more information!
by Sean at 12:45 PM
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Hey guys!

So after the very successfully community games, in which over 100 users participated, we have decided to bring it back.

What is it? It's a game where the regular members battle it out with the staff to see who is the winner. The previous game was won by the community. The overall winner being Henkcraft.

When will it happen. Tonight 19/04/2014 @ 11pm gmt. You can check the time it will be at here. http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20140419T23&p0=1964&msg=Community games.

How do I join? Post your in game name down below (Make sure you spell it right and with proper capitalisation) and you will be added to the whitelisted server. It will be on US120. At 10:55(GMT) make sure you are in the US hub and ready to join. A announcement will be made when to join.
(Spaces are limited to 60 so first come first served.) You can still apply and will have a chance...
by Devin at 11:21 PM
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Hello all,

As you may or may not have noticed, late last night ZedChase was finally brought back. We've been doing some work to make it a bit more enjoyable and fix up any bugs since the last time it was brought up, and this time it's back to stay. ZedChase is still in beta, so the game is not fully finished and there will be bugs; however, we are working on polishing up the gameplay and fixing any bugs that may come up. There are currently servers for it in US and EU; AU servers are coming shortly.

Some information for anyone who may not have played ZedChase before:

What is it?
ZedChase is a minigame based off of Temple Run.

How is it played?
Each server consists of 30 players at most. Approximately one-third of players will be chosen to be "zombies" - this amounts to about 10 players in a full server. The other two-thirds of players (20 in a full server) are chosen to be runners.
Runners can run along the path, collecting coins and power-ups along the way. One...

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