Minecraft Survival Games (MCSG™)

by DV_Raiton at 11:44 PM
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Hello once again tributes. Today brings another slew of features and bug fixes, the most significant of which are outlined below.

Our most major issues were resolved over the past weekend, and we are confident that our network stable, as you would have come to expect it to be. Please continue to let us know of any new issues that you encounter on our Github Issues page, as we are working to resolve all remaining minor issues.
  • Fixed an issue with player upgrades being redeemed in-game
  • Fixed an issue preventing newly added SG maps from being added to the rotation
  • Fixed an issue with the /stats command when passing nonexistent players
  • Fixed an exploit with a command
  • Employed some of our new, powerful statistics systems to track player counts as well as other miscellaneous stats and to draw pretty graphs
  • Allow more chat-related features to propagate to other hubs as dictated by the hub chat...
by DV_Raiton at 9:26 PM
(1,766 Views / 19 Likes)
Hello tributes, once again we have a list of bugs fixed and features implemented to share with you today.
  • Fixed an issue with our proxies returning players to a landing hub instead of a game-specific hub upon losing connection to their previous game
  • Enhanced the features of the inter-hub chatting system to allow for greater control and ease of moderation
  • Added a new experimental replacement for /ping which is intended to provide more accurate results- we will continue to tweak this to provide a more accurate ping
  • Fixed an issue with hub tutorials where players would still see chat, making it hard to read the tutorial
  • Fixed an issue with player visibility in some games
  • Fixed the link to our server store in the 1.8 tab list footer
In addition to these bug fixes, we are confident in saying that an issue with our proxies that was causing some...
by Scott at 1:34 PM
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Hello Tributes,

Week 5 has been a light week with all the v2 changes, but we did manage to complete a few cleansweeps throughout the week. We should be ready to pick back up with all the scheduled cleansweeps in the coming weeks!

Please don’t forget that, due to scheduling issues and time management, each sweep is organized for a span of two hours. As such, knowing when to schedule a time when the most hackers will be on is essential to our efforts. The times of our current sessions may change to suit where the community needs us most. If you have any suggestions as to when you have been noticing a higher amount of hackers, please let us know either via Private Message or with a comment here. We will take these suggestions into account, experiment with time zones, and organize sweeps during the times when hackers are most prevalent.

This Week’s Stats

20 participants.
10 hours of sweeps.
100+ servers moderated.

25 hackers banned.
5 of those were permanent.

by subv3rsion at 1:18 AM
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Dear potatoes, we’re now at day 3 of this adventure into MCGamer v2…

Oh, uh, right… *cough*

Hey tributes! Thank you all for bearing with us while we continue to resolve the issues and bugs that we’ve encountered in the past 72 hours. While we do understand it’s inconvenient for these issues to persist, we are working our hardest to iron out the kinks in our servers.

As always, any and all bug reports are welcome at our bug tracker, and we greatly appreciate any information our players can provide. As you could imagine, a larger amount of people playing our games will be able to help us gather a much larger amount of bug reports than a team of 6 developers can, even working 10+ hours per day.

The following issues have been nuked since Devin’s post yesterday:
  • All types of leaves, grass, etc. are now breakable.
  • Spectators are no longer visible in-game (thanks...

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