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by subv3rsion at 11:44 AM
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Hey tributes,

Update: As of 3:30AM CDT (1:30AM PDT / 4:30AM EDT) on August 13th, the network issues have been completely resolved and everything is back to normal. Enjoy!

Keep an eye on our other posts to stay informed about our upcoming maintenances and the new US network upgrades!

Thank you for your patience and understanding!


The US network currently is experiencing some packet loss and intermittent connectivity issues through certain ISPs providing connectivity to our Phoenix datacenter.
We're still investigating these issues, and we're in constant contact with the datacenter in Phoenix to try and resolve this, however we are not the only ones to see the same sort of issues. There are also many reports / complaints over Twitter regarding...
by KitMencha at 12:57 AM
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Hello tributes, once again! I am pleased to announce that the 4th Official MCGamer Awards has now entered the second round which is the finals. In this round, you pick your favourite from the top voted in each category from round 1.

We do apologise in advance if your favourite did not make it into the top 5, but as you know, this is a competition and only a handful can make it into the finals. Voting will last until 23rd August at 1 PM PST. We will then pass the results onto our awards provider who will remain unknown until the awards announcement.

A live awards ceremony will be held on the MCGamer TeamSpeak. The time and date is still undecided so stay tuned for updates on this thread.

Now that you're all set, go ahead and vote here.

*By participating in these awards you agree that you will not...
by ChadTheDJ at 12:33 PM
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Our new servers posted here are not activated just yet. We are still in the process on setting up the game servers and will hopefully swap within the next day or so. Please note to clear up some confusion, these new servers will not better your ping to our US network. We did not move datacenters and it's located in the same place as before. However, you should notice an improvement with the overall connection, less random drops and better TPS on all nodes. Once the swap happens, we will post here to let you know.

Wanted to also share with you are that we are still working on completing the merger AVN. We will continue to keep it separate until everything goes online here which our devs are working hard trying to get this done as soon as possible. Lastly, if you purchased a lifetime rank in AVN, you now have Diamond Premium on MCGamer (which is our lifetime rank here). If you never logged...
by ChadTheDJ at 9:16 PM
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So we wanted to share with you we are about ready to bring the new US servers online! We will be running more tests but may transfer everything by tonight or tomorrow night. We will update this thread with any important maintenance where we will have downtime. We will be moving our database server as well which will require an entire network outage during the transfer. Hang tight, we will give you details soon!

Here is the finished cabling of the new servers (Thanks Cubedhost for the amazing job!):

(Notice the blue fiber cable? Thank you Quantum sponsors! We have few remaining for the first batch. Check out here for more details: http://www.minecraftsurvivalgames.com/threads/code-named-quantum-is-live.122310/)​

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