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by LadyOfLove at 5:32 AM
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Hello tributes!

This is a thread all about the map updates coming out with our Xime v2 update on the 12th of November! We figured maps may need their own thread as there's quite a lot of information, so without further adieu lets hop to it!

Starting off I'd like to write a little piece here about our beloved former admin Dave who recently stepped down. Dave spearheaded most of the map work over the last 2 years and changed MCGamer and the map team for the better - so this is a huge thank you to him! We hope he does well with his future endeavors and continues to contribute amazing maps through Team Elite. Make sure to say hey if you see him around as a VIP!

Next, removals. This round we say goodbye to the following maps on SG!​
  • Eye of Horus
  • Enchanted Forest
  • Excavation Zero
  • Ancient Japan
  • Hub Games
Make sure to play them one last time before...​
by Col_StaR at 7:45 PM
(3,146 Views / 40 Likes)

Hello Tributes,

So, everyone's hyped about the Next Chapter of MCGamer, right? New hub, Friend system, AVN merging, new Leaderboards, our server MAGIC , and XAC. If you're not excited right now, maybe you should reread THIS THREAD that explains all the great things that we will be releasing on November 12th, 2014.

Now that everyone knows what to expect when the update is released, I'm here to tell you about what's going to happen as me get there. In this thread, I'll be giving you folks a roadmap to the MCGamer V2 update, and tell you what to expect as we start the heavy lifting. Everyone should expect bugs, glitches, and server outages as we make the transition, but we want to thank you for your patience. As soon as everything is finished, the wait will be well worth it.

So put on...
by LadyOfLove at 6:43 PM
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Hello tributes and map builders alike! Today is the day a lot of us have been waiting for - the Quarter Quell contest comes to a close. We had 7 entries, which although it's a relatively low turn out we're still happy to see the community participation and excitement on the project! First off - great work all round to the entrants and the judges Dave, Froggytv, AlpakaWhacker, Devin, LadyOfLove, KellieBreanne, Ninetailefox92 and KitMencha who put in their votes and a big thank you to Dave for his work prior to his resignation. We changed the format for the winners a little to accommodate the amount of entrants and we came up with two great winners - and 3 builders from each map will be receiving VIP for their efforts.

So, without keeping you waiting any further - the results! The two...
by Scott at 2:55 PM
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Hello Tributes,
Week 4 has been another successful week for the Cleansweep! Sadly, Frazzli (the original overseer) has stepped down from her staff position at MCGamer; therefore, some of the current participants (including AlpakaWhacker , Nephilim and I) will be taking over running cleansweeps temporarily. Be sure to thanks Frazzli185 for all her work as an overseer of the Cleansweep! Her presence in the team will be greatly missed. Also, be sure to thank Nephilim and ViolentKitten for taking the initiative to run some Cleansweep sessions!

Please don’t forget that, due to scheduling issues and time management, each sweep is organized for a span of two hours. As such, knowing when to schedule a time when the most hackers will be on is essential to our efforts. The times of our current sessions may change to suit where the community needs us most. If you have any suggestions as to when you...

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