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by ChadTheDJ at 9:16 PM
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So we wanted to share with you we are about ready to bring the new US servers online! We will be running more tests but may transfer everything by tonight or tomorrow night. We will update this thread with any important maintenance where we will have downtime. We will be moving our database server as well which will require an entire network outage during the transfer. Hang tight, we will give you details soon!

Here is the finished cabling of the new servers (Thanks Cubedhost for the amazing job!):

(Notice the blue fiber cable? Thank you Quantum sponsors! We have few remaining for the first batch. Check out here for more details: http://www.minecraftsurvivalgames.com/threads/code-named-quantum-is-live.122310/)​
by KitMencha at 6:21 AM
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Hello MCGamers! On behalf of the MCGamer Awards Team, I am pleased to announce the 4th Official MCGamer Awards! We have put a lot of time and thought into making these awards the best one's yet. We have introduced a lot more award categories, arranged opening and closing ceremonies, and some great new prizes! Now before you get your votes in, give me a few moments of your time to explain the procedure in which the awards will take place.

The Opening Ceremony
For the first time(in forever) we are having an opening ceremony to kick off the awards. The opening ceremony will take place at the Community Focus Group this weekend. We will open up the form in which you may go ahead and vote for favourite for each of the categories.

The Categories
We have...
by ChadTheDJ at 4:54 PM
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Hello MCGamers! We have some exciting news to share adding on to the recent news of updates with our community. subv3rsion dv90 Devin Acathine and I are currently in Phoenix, Arizona working on upgrading the US network. What can you expect with all of this amazing hardware? More mini game servers, better connections, more capacity, better hub experience, and faster physical servers! Once we finish the setup, we will be swapping to the new servers hopefully by this weekend. We don't expect any long outages in US but will warn you all if there will be some downtime.

We thank you for your continued support and our next focus after the US upgrade will be AU and CA. We appreciate our premium members giving us the opportunity to budget upgrades like this one! Not a premium member? Help us out by upgrading your account as anything helps! http://shop.mcgamer.net (Our mid-summer sale also ends tonight...
by ChadTheDJ at 2:58 PM
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What is this all about? We recently made a huge investment into our US location by purchasing our own hardware for our community! With all of the great things we can do with our new servers, we want to take it 1 step further by adding Fiber-optics to our proxies. Fiber can easily handle our large demand of players & also take the punches better from script kiddies with large DDoS attacks. With this change, we can expect to deliver a better uninterrupted network as we can handle the attacks while supporting a fast connection to our player base in-game and web. We created this exclusive rank to help us pick up the costs.

What do you get? A signed shirt from ChadTheDJ + personalized thank you card, a special Code Named Quantum Rank in-game (light green color with matching perks of platinum) and a dedicated server that you name at the datacenter! Only selling 32 of these packages to start and charging for the postage ($200 + $8.95 shipping). Since we...

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