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    We are the first Official 24/7 dedicated, fully automated, "Hunger Games" style Minecraft servers attracting over 1,000,000+ players. Sign up on our forums today so you can qualify for future tournaments and special events! We provide Minecraft Survival Game servers in the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia and Asia. We offer around 3720 slots of pure PVP awesomeness. If you are looking for rules, click here. Be sure to check out our live leaderboards statistics page as can show off your skill to the world!
  2. Our servers now support any version of Minecraft between 1.7.2 and 1.7.9! It is recommended that you use either 1.7.2, 1.7.4, 1.7.5, or 1.7.9 for the best experience.

Minecraft Survival Games (MCSG™)

by ChadTheDJ at 7:39 AM
(1,845 Views / 9 Likes)
We are working with Cubedhost now to address a DNS issue to our global API box. We should have this resolved within the next few minutes.

Back online!

Update: Well, seems we are back to having issues again and working to get back online. Minecraft session servers went offline and another issue with a DDoS triggered some things to be unstable. We will be back shortly after we locate the issue.

Update 2:


So spigot just blew up! We are working on an emergency fix... Update soon but we expect to be down for awhile.

SpigotY2K is over. All is well.
by ChadTheDJ at 10:59 PM
(2,821 Views / 52 Likes)
Hello everyone and been while since I posted on the homepage! For many who knew, I been dealing with a lot of IRL changes (moving out, increase time at job, etc) which led to me being not very active this last month. However this doesn't means I've been not working here, yet more focusing behind the scenes with the topics we are going to mention in this post:

2 year anniversary party and 6 millionth game celebration!

You heard us right! It's amazing on how long it has been already but still everyday we are growing and becoming more successful overall in a whole! With almost 5,000 new players a day discovering us after 2 years is amazing and we all need to celebrate! We will host our 2 year bash once we hit 6,000,000 SG games which should happen sometime in April! Details soon!

EU location update (finally) with massive upgrade!

We are happy to inform you that we finally figured out the issue with our new EU datacenter this last few months. MCSG apparently generates so much...
by Bowser52000 at 9:47 PM
(3,993 Views / 17 Likes)
URGENT: THE MEETUP HAS BEEN RESCHEDULE TO THE 17th OF APRIL. Due to the Public Transport System being worse than I thought...
Hey guys, Bowser52000 Here to to announce that MCGamer that Rusty, Dave, ChadTheDJ and I will be doing a meetup in Perth, Western Australia!!
The meet up will be held on the 17th of April at 2PM Western Australian Standard Time in the Forrest Place, By the Cactus things (that is what the City of Perth dub them as).
Map: https://www.google.com.au/maps?t=m&ll=-31.9529576,115.859426&z=19&output=classic
Transperth's Website: http://www.transperth.wa.gov.au/
There will be more news as the time of the meetup gets closer.
Hopefully see you guys there!! :D
by Dave at 4:39 PM
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Hey guys!

We’ve got some map committee updates for map submissions so this is a quick post to let you know about them. The Map Downloads and Discussions section has been moved! Now you’ll find it right next to Build Teams on the forum page.

  • Build teams should be happy to know that we’ve created a little guide about our map specifications to make building and submitting a lot easier for you.
  • In the same thread you’ll also see our updated submission template! The updated version also includes a disclaimer about submitting maps and what it entails, so be sure to give it a good read over.
  • All old maps have been archived and must be resubmitted to be considered in our new format.
  • When submitting a map make sure to use the correct thread prefixes - when you...

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