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by ChadTheDJ at 2:58 PM
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What is this all about? We recently made a huge investment into our US location by purchasing our own hardware for our community! With all of the great things we can do with our new servers, we want to take it 1 step further by adding Fiber-optics to our proxies. Fiber can easily handle our large demand of players & also take the punches better from script kiddies with large DDoS attacks. With this change, we can expect to deliver a better uninterrupted network as we can handle the attacks while supporting a fast connection to our player base in-game and web. We created this exclusive rank to help us pick up the costs.

What do you get? A signed shirt from ChadTheDJ + personalized thank you card, a special Code Named Quantum Rank in-game (light green color with matching perks of platinum) and a dedicated server that you name at the datacenter! Only selling 32 of these packages to start and charging for the postage ($200 + $8.95 shipping). Since we...
by ChadTheDJ at 2:53 PM
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Some exciting things have been in the works behind the scenes, and it's finally time to share them with you all! Here are some updates you can expect at the end of the month or beginning of next:

Announcing that MCGamer will be taking over the next phase of the AntVenom community and host his mini games he created within our Minecraft network. All of his games that will be transferred to our network will include Rocket Rumble, Survival Bingo, Deadly Decent, Color Zone, Hungry Games, Party Time and Leaderboard Survival! Expect to see them shortly on our US network only to start then pushed out to our other networks within a months time.

To address some quick concerns with the current paid members that currently play on the AntVenom network, your lifetime ranks will be transferred over to Diamond Premium accounts here. This process will take up to a week to complete but please contact our support if you have any questions....
by DracoHD at 3:51 AM
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Hello Tributes!
After much waiting, the latest version of the Current Events Publication is now out!
It did take some more time since the last one, but with the Summer Rush and more, the final version is now ready to be published to the Public.

Without further ado, here it is:

by Dave at 12:09 PM
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The MCGamer Official Global Clan Guidelines

In order for a clan to operate on our system, clans are expected to follow all the rules stated below. Failure to do so may result in your clan being blacklisted or even force disbanded. The Administration reserves the right to change these rules at any given time and reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes or disagreements. Please note that even if you do not accept the rules, in order for a can to operate on our system, you are expected to follow the rules regardless.​

The Rules:

1. All members of all clans are expected to abide by the MCGamer rules(found here). If members are found to be breaking any of the MCGamer rules, they will be dealt with accordingly and the team that accommodates the offending player will be appropriately...

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