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by Col_StaR at 3:28 PM
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Hello MCGamer Community,

For those of you who attended the Admin Q&A and were present at Chad's surprise appearance, he dropped a hint at an Owner Q&A. Well, now we can make it official.

The Founder and Owner of the MCGamer community, ChadTheDJ, will be hosting a Q&A Panel event on April 12th, from 11 AM PST to 1 PM PST.
This panel will most likely be moderated by a member of the staff.

The event will be organized into three sections: the Panel Questions, the Pre-Submission Questions, and the live Q&A.
  • The Panel Questions will be a set of per-submitted questions that we want to address right off the bat. These will be the most common questions that will be asked, or questions with answers that we'd like to share.
  • The Pre-Submission Questions are questions that will be user-submitted and approved to be asked prior to the Live Q&A section. If you would like to submit a question for the Pre-Submission Question section, you may ask them in this...
by CAmadeusA at 2:10 PM
(6,031 Views / 19 Likes)
Edit: Its my pleasure to finally be able to announce the winners!

Lets all congratulate the winner of the Gold rank, DannyMan725 for completing the parkour in the shortest amount of time. It is evident he does definitely deserve the gold rank, after hours of attempts. You can view his video here:

Now, being that Dannyman was the only person to submit, an alternate approach will be taken for the iron rank giveaway. Everyone who legitimately tried and made an effort on the parkour, as well as those who struggled with the parkour were entered into a randomized raffle to decide who will receive the iron rank. The winner of that completely randomized raffle was Tgod_24 who won the iron donor rank! I shall be contacting you on the forums via private message, keep an eye out for that! Thanks so much for participating, have an excellent day!


Hey you...
by Col_StaR at 4:51 PM
(1,465 Views / 8 Likes)
Check out the most recent Current Events Publication Issue here!

A note on the publication dates:
by Col. StaR

It has come to my attention that the current policy of publishing one issue every 2 weeks has become overly strenuous on the current CEP staff. Things move fast around here, but the current staff does not feel able to keep up with creating an entire biweekly publication on top of their moderation duties and other real life responsibilities.

As such, it has been decided that the MCGamer Current Events Publication shall now to published once per month, likely on the first Wednesday of every month. This will change will be effective immediately, and the next issue will likely be published on April 3rd.

Don't worry about the quality of the publication nor its current staff: it shall all be the same, but just with more time to deliver all the best news, events, and...
by Dave at 2:38 PM
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Hello Tributes,

TeamSpeak has been particularly troublesome recently, as it has become the target of some malcontents who enjoy sending us DDoS attacks; no doubt they’re jealous of our sweet TS logo. Because of the attacks, we have moved the server hosting the TeamSpeak in order to make it more stable, more secure, and offer greater protection in the future. Furthermore, we’ve used the opportunity to make some nice changes as well.

A few things to note:

  1. All ban information has been carried over. Those of you who have been banned on the previous teamspeak are still going to be banned.
  2. All files from the file browsers have been moved over as well. They should all be in their respective locations. If there is a file missing that was not carried over, be sure to tell me (Dave).
  3. Besides the location and the minor changes, the Teamspeak functions identically to the previous one.
Considering how straight-forward Teamspeak is, I’ll just list the changes in...

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