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by ChadTheDJ at 3:39 PM
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Our devs are finding creative ways to remove malicious client hacks on our system. This last week, we been testing our new automated Xime Anti Cheat system targeting hack client features such as regen. We are happy to inform you that our success rate has been huge blocking thousands of cheaters a day from playing. We will be continuing to improve this system by adding other more tricky mods but until then, please report hackers if you run into them via http://report.mcgamer.info!
by KyleD at 9:35 AM
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Hello, and Welcome to the results stage of the MCGamer Awards!

During these awards, we received a total of 1086 responses in round two and approx 350 in round one! More than any previous rounds!

A massive thanks goes to Zacharoutio who spent a lot of time making the prizes! Be sure to thank him!

The results will be posted in a reply to this thread over the next hour, so stay tuned! To discuss the awards please go to this thread: http://www.minecraftsurvivalgames.com/threads/the-3rd-mcgamer-awards-results-discussion.107148/
Good Luck, and may the odds be in your favor...

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