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by ChadTheDJ at 3:11 PM
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So after my livestream yesterday, some great conversations were started by users asking me questions about the certain policies we have here at MCGamer. One conversation we spent awhile on was the subject of teaming.

Currently this strategy is not against our rules right now in MCSG since we originally opened back in 2012, but we understand that some members would like to play FFA as well in some cases. This post really is to start a dialog and maybe start thinking of ways were we can maybe promote both styles of gameplay on our network. One idea that really stood out to me was having certain servers not allow teaming (example would be server's numbered 100+ would be FFA servers only). I heard other ideas go as far as making everyone's skin to Steve + masking their usernames for an extreme example. These examples are not set in stone but in more of a "what if" status right now.

So what are your opinions on this subject?
by ChadTheDJ at 11:09 AM
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Update: Great stream everyone! Will be back again to do another one soon.

Hello MCGamers,

I am proud to let you know that this weekend I am starting my livestreaming back up! Join me for some fun MCGamer mini games and also mixed with an owner Q & A as I answer your questions live! We will also be starting our shirt + platinum giveaway during the stream but will be picking 1 winner today to a lucky viewer! See you all soon tributes!


(PS - There will be enderpearls...and cliffs...)

Time conversion: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=ChadTheDJ+Stream&iso=20140913T13&p1=137&ah=2
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TL;DR: Leaderboard infrastructure is being updated. Future crashes and instability being prevented. Leaderboard stats will update every 24 hours during this time.

Hello everyone,

Leaderboards: just a script, a webpage, and a bunch of numbers, right? They should be as easy to keep and maintain as an Arizona cactus.


Sure, maybe that's true if you're running a leaderboard of 1,000 people and a few statistics each. But MCGamer surpassed those qualities a long time ago, and our leaderboard are so massive and complex that they require their own server to run. Our leaderboard track a large number of statistics for each and every one of the 2.77+ million players that has ever joined our servers. The leaderboard automatically updates each and every one of those players' statistics on a regular basis, leading to an absolutely massive amount of information that needs to be stored and updated several times per day; 10 statistics * 2.77 mil players = 27,700,000+...
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Hello Tributes!
After some Forum research and writing, the latest Publication is now ready to be read.
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