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by DracoHD at 9:32 AM
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Hello Tributes!
After some Forum research and writing, the latest Publication is now ready to be read.
This time, with the assistance of new Members, the CEP Team has upgraded it's potential.

Without further ado, here it is:

by Devin at 4:23 PM
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UPDATE: Maintenance postponed until Monday night while we work out some final issues with 1.8 compatibility.
Devin: Once upon a time...
Whoops! Wrong script. Let me find the right one... ah, here we go!

1.8, MCGamer, and You
It's been almost a year since Minecraft 1.7 originally came out. For those of you who don't know, Minecraft 1.8 will be released Tuesday, September 2. It has changes almost on the scale of the 1.7 update; if any of you remember that, we didn't update until several days after, and that's usually the case with updates this large. However, this time around, we're not saying don't update! - instead, we're pleased to announce that when 1.8 does come out, it is safe to update! Even better, we will continue to fully support 1.7 clients at the same time.

We'll be performing a network maintenance on Sunday, August 31 at 11:00...
by Col_StaR at 3:46 PM
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Hello Tributes,

Livestreaming has exploded in popularity as of late, with Minecraft channels consistently drawing one of the largest viewer base on twitch.tv. While some detractors believed that Livestreaming was inferior to traditional Youtube video making (“It’s just a video but improvised and unedited! That’ll never last”), the performance of live gaming has drawn its own appeal, style, and audience. Livestreaming has grown in popularity alongside Youtube videos, and the demand for Livestream VIPs became too much to ignore. Over the past several weeks, the MCGamer staff has been researching livestreaming from Twitch.tv in particular to understand its systems, audience, and content creators.

After much anticipation and many requests, we are pleased to announce that MCGamer will now be accepting VIP ranks for popular Twitch.tv livestreamers.
In addition to this, a number of changes and notes have been made regarding our existing Youtube VIP application process as well.
Lastly, if...
by KitMencha at 3:41 AM
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Hello there tributes! After collecting all the votes and contacting our prize maker, duckluv321 , we have finally come to an end to the 4th Official MCGamer Awards.

Before we get into the results, I will be sharing a few facts of this event and the plans for the next MCGA. We have hit an amazing amount of votes within only 2 weeks with an outstanding number of 1624 votes. Our next awards will be held around December time, stay tuned for more info. In the next awards we will be reviewing the nominations so that everyone who gets voted has to have a background of the nomination as we have instances in which nominees are nominated for categories in which they have little to no background of, for example myself getting 2nd Best Redstoner. We want to, although it is pretty hard due to popularity, keep these awards as fair as possible. We are open to ideas and if you wish to send in our ideas you may do so...

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