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Minecraft Survival Games (MCSG™)

by Devin at 9:05 PM
(5,972 Views / 75 Likes)

Hello all!

We've made a few updates tonight. Some of these updates have taken effect right away, but some others will activate at midnight CDT tonight (about an hour from this post).

Quick Join
Introducing an easier way to join servers! If you want to just join a server, but you don't really care about which server, you'll notice new Quick Join signs in the the server area of the hub. Just right-click a quick join sign for the slot size you want to join, and you'll automatically be joined to a random server of that slot size - magic!

A ... fishy update?
After hearing out some community suggestions to add more food into our chests, we decided to add more food in the best form possible. Introducing swordfish! All swords you can find in chests or craft will now automatically turn into a different form of fish, allowing you to eat your sword if...
by subv3rsion at 5:00 PM
(749 Views / 4 Likes)
UPDATE: The maintenance is complete and the upgrade was successful.

Hey everyone,

Tonight we're performing some hardware updates on our API services, correcting some issues with servers taking a long time to save and restart.
This maintenance should take no longer than 15 - 30 minutes to take place.

During this time, logins will not be possible, but games will be automatically saved once the API comes back online.
by Dave at 1:28 PM
(3,729 Views / 17 Likes)
Hey Guys and Gals,

I’m here today to get your opinions on what events/tournaments you folks think we should hold on the MCGamer community. We have been thinking about this for a while, and now we finally have the time to bring these ideas to life

The current proposals we have at the moment are:

  • Community tournaments, such as SG or PvP.
  • Mapping-related contests, such as building challenges and map making contests
  • Non-ingame contests, such as art contests, music contests, and speech contests
  • Non-Minecraft gaming contests, such as a CS:GO tournament or Battlefield nights.
  • TS events similar to OMN, like a trivia game or stand-up comedy
  • Q&A sessions for non-staff, such as map-makers, VIPs, and prominent players.
Reply to this thread with any ideas that you may have. Things to keep in mind when suggesting event ideas: it needs to be fair and easy to understand; it can be on...
by ChadTheDJ at 7:39 AM
(1,871 Views / 9 Likes)
We are working with Cubedhost now to address a DNS issue to our global API box. We should have this resolved within the next few minutes.

Back online!

Update: Well, seems we are back to having issues again and working to get back online. Minecraft session servers went offline and another issue with a DDoS triggered some things to be unstable. We will be back shortly after we locate the issue.

Update 2:


So spigot just blew up! We are working on an emergency fix... Update soon but we expect to be down for awhile.

SpigotY2K is over. All is well.

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