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Combo Lock Room

Discussion in 'Survival Games Discussions' started by Melon123, Apr 21, 2012.

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  1. Melon123

    Melon123 Spectator

    Does anyone know the code to the combo lock room or what the point of getting the code right is, since the chest is right there before you even enter a code. Help would be appreciated.
  2. Google Administrator

  3. Melon123

    Melon123 Spectator

    I also have the coords to the room if anyone would like them.
  4. I believe it is a bug that the door is already open. It should be reset by the plugin at the beginning of each match.
  5. Melon123

    Melon123 Spectator

    Ya it's closed now when I go to it D: Still searching for the code though :/
  6. Hate to spoil something but u did ask for it so yeah the code relates to the ID's of the item on the wall on the sign (water, grass, planks and saplings) look on this webpage and the umber that relates to the item is the number, put the signs together in order with the correct numbers and the door will open http://minecraft-ids.grahamedgecombe.com/
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  7. yeah i figured that out a while back but at first i thought it was refering to what sound the noteblock makes when on each item
  8. I figured it out in about 10 seconds lol
  9. Melon123

    Melon123 Spectator

    Thanks! I thought it would be that but I never got the chance to try it out.
  10. Ajakking789 is correct, just some "interesting" fact is that the password in version 1.3 is the password in version 1.2 but backwards, and the password in 1.2 is a reference to pedro (if you know who he is ^^)
  11. code to combination room
    the buttons are in order like they are on a phone
  12. Soart, on the new map there is a combination lock in 'your'house. Do you know the code for it? It doesnt seem to work... On SP i looked what was behind there but i didnt understand ehat to do with the redstone torch
  13. There is two combo rooms in the new map, one redstone one and another in the bank/library dome building. No clue what the redstone house one is, but the one in the bank is
    1337 <-- Highlight to view
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