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Guide To Tekkit Ores and Ingots

Discussion in 'Feed The Beast Help and Guides' started by Amzela, Aug 21, 2012.

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  1. Alright! Here's a guide to what each common tekkit and non-tekkit ore does in Tekkit (with hopefully no mistakes):
    [​IMG]This is copper. Not bronze, but it can be macerated into dust to make bronze if combined with tin. Most commonly used to make cables. Very common ore. (There are two types: one for redpower and one for industrial craft.)

    [​IMG]This is tin. It's useful for making batteries, cells, and other capsule stuff. Also used to make bronze. Nice white ore, don't get it confused with silver. (There are two types just like copper)

    [​IMG] These are gems. Three gems: Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. They can be used to make tools as if they were iron or diamonds. They have the same mining speed as diamond, but less durability and cannot break obsidian.

    [​IMG] This is nikolite. It can be used to make blue alloy ingots or blue-doped wafers to power blulectricity machines for redpower. For singleplayer, they have a high EMC value for its rather low rarity. Don't mistake it for diamond!

    [​IMG] This is silver. They can be combined with nikolite in an alloy furnace to make blue alloy ingots for blulectric machines. Also creates 6 glass fibre cables instead of 4 if it replaces the redstone in the glass fibre cable recipe.

    [​IMG]This is uranium. It's a rare ore, usually found in veins of one or two. Throwing it in a compressor will make refined uranium, which can be used to power nuclear reactors.

    [​IMG]This is tungsten. Currently, it has no uses other than a very high EMC value but it has a high rarity. In real life, tungsten has an extremely high density.

    This is bronze. It can be made into a wrench to remove all industrial craft machines safely and other uses. It can also create mixed metal ingots (which make advanced alloy).

    Coal is used for many things, such as powering machines to making coal fibre for advanced machine blocks. They are used to make some of the most powerful items in the game, but are also necessary for the simplest machines.

    Diamond is very valuable, since it can be used to make more complex machines and energy crystals. Make sure to pick up a lot of diamond!

    Gold is not very useful, but it's good for a cable that's better than copper (although not as handy). It's also shiny. Everyone likes shiny things.

    Iron is an extremely useful ingot. It can be re-smelted to make refined iron, which is used to make machine blocks. Other than that, it's used in many recipes.

    Lapis Lazuli is used to make lapotron crystals and advanced circuits, which are often used to make advanced armor or machines. They also make a lappack, a better batpack.

    Redstone is commonly used in machines and machine parts and make electric circuits.
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  2. Google Administrator

  3. What about Brass? Steel? >.>
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  4. Not like you need that for a while!
  5. I feel the most epic Tekkit player on MCSG right now.. eh maybe second before Karoleigh or Aeruner.
    Also two pictures are broken :/ I can make a more informative thread if you want.
  6. Brass and steel have little info on them and are just usually used for redpower stuff. Redpower stuff is kinda expensive, so you won't use it for a while, thus it's not included.
  7. After reading through every thing here, I have to say this is a great run down of most ingots and ores. But I will mention what Hystericallify said, you might what to put in steel. Steel isn't used for redpower it is used for rail craft and making random rails and machines in that. But yes, brass is used for expensive things in redpower.
  8. Bit of a necro
  9. silver is also used to create an athame.

    athame is extremely useful for killing enderman :D
  10. What is the ip of the server?
  11. Of all the threads in the ftb forum, you chose this one. Really?

  12. The "Tekkit" server is no longer running, we have replaced it with a "Feed The Beast" server. The IP of the new server is "ftb.mcsg.in". Please copy and paste the IP within the quotes into your server address bar on a FTB client to join.

    Also, in the future, please do not post on threads that are over 2 weeks old, unless you have a post relevant to the conversation. This is considered a necro-post and violates the forum rules. Please do not do it again.
    Seeing as this is a necro, and no longer relevant:
    Thread Locked.
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  13. For the record, you didn't do a very good job of locking the thread :3
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