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Discussion in 'Survival Games Discussions' started by TimTering, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. How do you feel about horses being added to Minecraft and how do you think it should affect MCSG?
    I've listed a few possibilitys, feel free to eather choose one of them or make up your own.

    1: In every map there should be a few horses in order to use the new aspect of Minecraft PVP.

    2: There shouldn't be any horses at all in any SG map.

    3: There should only be horses in the maps added after the release of Minecraft 1.6

    I personally would find it amazing to add horses to atleast TSG2. Because of the western theme.
    But it may be a cool idea to add some on other maps but that all depends if the fighting from horses is fun or just annoying like ice fights IMO.

    Thanks! ;D
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  3. I feel that horses could defiantly add a unique twist to the game and quite a bit of fun. Idk if I would really want any on SG though, they would create a pretty big unfair advantage if a player got a hold of one. I think it'll be fun if they had racetracks and each horse ran at a slightly different speed. I wouldn't like it if they all ran at the same speed. People will find fun things to do with them. :)
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  4. horses should be added dude good idea
  5. I WANT DEM NAOW in maps of the theme o_O
  6. I don't really like the idea of horses being in MCSG, it would ruin the PvP in my opinion.
  7. Horses would be cool in vanilla, but would destroy MCSG if they were added. It's like getting a freaking car, you can move to chests a lot easier, and chasing would be obsolete.

    Horses are a no-no for me, but in Minecraft in general, I'd love them.
  8. Maybe on Teweran 2 to add to the theme. Not on any other maps though, because it would ruin the pvp aspect of the game.
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  9. Not true about the chest advantage, as it would take too long to break them in, source a saddle, and ride to the chest to be of any advantage. But it would be an advantage in PvP, and it would be impossible to chase someone with a horse down. Although an idea for a map implantation, you could have some hard Parkour, or a gamble sort of thing where you can die or win, with a horse as a reward. And if added I would suggest just mules as they are slower and less OP.
  10. I think people are implying already tamed horses for 1. 2 is that you can easily chase people down on horses, have you seen how fast they can go?
  11. What I meant was what if you had got in a fight with someone and they were one hit off, and then they got on a horse and ran. Too annoying and OP
  12. I agree.
  13. I don't think horses would make a good addition to the MCSG PvP. But they would make a really good base for a new gametype!

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