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How Do I Play In The Survival Games?

Discussion in 'Survival Games Discussions' started by Nicolas277, May 19, 2012.

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  1. How am I to enter a survival games tornument?
  2. Google Administrator

  3. It's pretty easy. Just join a server that isn't full to play! You will probably started as a spectator until that round is finished before you can play yourself. Here are the server lists: http://minecraftsurvivalgames.com/pages/servers/

    EDIT: Ninja'd by bend!
  4. How do I enter a server? I'm new to this and have absolutely NO IDEA!
  5. for example:

    highlight this:

    copy: ctrl + c (or memorize the above address x.x.x in head)

    go to minecraft, click multiplayer

    click direct connect

    paste: ctrl + v (or type it in)

    click join server

    make sure there are no spaces in your address if you get a server error
  6. Open up your Minecraft, click Multiplayer, click direct connect, enter any one of the server IPs and click Join Server

  7. Click on those links, theres a ton of servers. Example:
  8. Alright, I added a server to my minecraft for multiplayer, but it keeps saying it failed to verify my username
  9. Do you have a legit copy of minecraft? So not pirated or illegally downloaded? And are you sure you are connected to the internet?
  10. Well, this guy had a tutorial on how to download a legit version so I'm pretty sure. And yes, I'm connected.
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