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Just to clarify armor and weapon strengths

Discussion in 'Survival Games Discussions' started by Little_Death, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. Little_Death

    Little_Death Survivor

    These stats are for unarmored players. Anything in your hand besides what is listed (and a pickaxe which is a waste of ingots/cobblestone for pvp) will deal a half a heart of damage.

    The power of swords is as follows: Gold, Wood, Stone, Iron, Diamond.
    Gold does 2 hearts as does wood, but wood lasts 2x longer.
    Stone only does a healf a heart better then gold and wood, but does a half a heart worse then iron.
    Diamond is the best option at 3 and a half hearts and has 1562 uses.
    I've seen many people saying that gold is better then stone. This is NOT true

    The strength of armor is as follows: Leather, Gold, Chain, Iron, Diamond.
    Gold is only slightly worse then chain, but a lot better then leather. The gold helm has the same protective power as a chain helm, but will be destroyed quickly. Iron slightly worse then diamond, about 2 and a half armor points.

    The power of axes are as follows: Wood, Gold, Stone, Iron, Diamond
    A diamond axe will do as much damage as an iron sword.
    An iron axe will be found in chests and deals 2 and a half hearts of damage, the same as a stone sword.
    Wooden and gold axes will do 1 and a half hearts, while stone will deal 2.

    Shovels (not usually considered weapons but who cares) damage are as follows: Wood, Gold, Stone, Iron, Diamond.
    Diamond does only 2 hearts, making it not a effective weapon, save for 2 diamonds.
    Iron shovels will do 1 and a half and stone will do 1.
    Wood and gold are once again even at a mere half a heart, THE SAME AS FISTS! D:

    Bow damage: A really weak shot will do 1 heart to an unarmored opponent.
    A medium shot willl deal 3 hearts or damage.
    A fully charged shot will deal an amazing 5 hearts. 1 and a half more then a diamond sword.

    Hopefully this helps.
  2. Google Administrator

  3. why! everyone always beleived that gold swords are better than iron :( dont give pople the knowledge! xD
  4. Little_Death

    Little_Death Survivor

    Lol hi you spammer. I'm --- <-this close to reporting you.
  5. not spam if u only do every 10 secs ^^
    Edit: also i was only typing .'s
  6. Hopefully this will shut some people up. Hate having to tell noob teammates.
    This is why I like solo.

    Still Spam.
  7. u all hate me :(
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  12. Basically don't be a douche and go around saying "OMG PRESS ALT-F4 TO START GAME!". Yea stuff like that.
  13. I don't other fags do that... Plus that retarded almost everyone either already knows, or other poeple like me just say it doesnt work dont do it

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