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MCGamer's Best Thread - "Show Yourself"

Discussion in 'Community Corner' started by iMightTroll, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. #1 MCGamer Award Winning thread

    Hello and Welcome to the Show Yourself Thread!
    If you can't tell what this thread is already it is where people of the MCSG community post a picture of the IRL version of them self. No-one here can force you to post unless your one of the people on the 'People that have to post' list.

    People that have to post:
    If anyone of you people have posted a picture send it me via PM with a link to where you posted.
    - Ginger - Ginger is so super hot. He is beast at everything. He is my role model. I have posters of him all over my room. I love you ginger c:
    - @ThappleTree
    - @Col_StaR
    - @RC_4777
    - @Kytria
    - @BlazeMaster
    - @CaptButterToast
    - @ManOfTheBread
    - @NyanCaatt
    - @DairyQueen_
    - @soggypickle
    - @Aeruner
    - @Dave
    - @The Arena Master
    - @Virtual
    - @Tree_TheBigKind
    - @Ninetailefox92
    - DQ c:
    - NoahSailer
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  2. Google Administrator

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  4. Why don't you?
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  5. Elisha

    Elisha Active Member

    I will show when I reach home on the 28th December :p
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  6. Billa

    Billa Active Member

    Me and darkrai202 had a video call to see each others reactions to playing mcsg. But that's probably the only person I can remember showing my face to online..
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  7. Your face was your Skype pic for a bit
  8. Billa

    Billa Active Member

    Yah. I'm just showing people the avatar I drew.
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  9. Elisha

    Elisha Active Member

    I showed my face to shanekwong, LeWilmon, MiningPieCraft, sethyap2000 and 5_hawn xD
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  10. Billa

    Billa Active Member

    I'm surprised you haven't shown hendrick. :p
  11. Elisha

    Elisha Active Member

    My face will be your wallpaper >:p
  12. Billa

    Billa Active Member

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