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Minecraft Survival Games Tips

Discussion in 'Survival Games Discussions' started by ThatDamnWalrus, Apr 23, 2012.


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  1. Hello, today i had the urge to make a guide on some tips that can help a lot of people out. I have won 5 games including 3 in a row last night. These tips will not be helpful for everybody as some people like to play a different style, this is just my style.

    Teams can drastically change the outcome of the game, it will allow you to take out more powerul players and make it harder to die. With a team you will also get more items from the chests at the cornucopia. Team with friends/trustworthy players/or players with skype!

    As everyone already knows the cornucopia has many chests, but it is also very dangerous. At the start, the longer you stay in the center the better chance of getting killed. A good strategy is to grab one chest then run back. If you have a team or want to make a base at the cornucopia, you can just retreat a little bit and head back after the initial bloodbath. Teams who stay at the cornucopia tend to have the better armour, weaopns, and supplies do to the amount of chests. You may also want to retreat to a farther away base and head back to the cornucopia when you have better armour.

    Finding a base is another situation that can mean life or death. Some of the best areas are very well hidde and i highly suggest finding an area with a lot of chests nearby. If you find a base with a lot of chests in or around it, you can gain much more armour to head back into the cornucopia. If you plan to stay hidden the rest of the match, there are many islands far out or underwater caves. These tend to haveless chests and are farther away but are more hidden.

    If you have the skill to make it to the final 10/15 minutes, your gonna hopefully have good armour. This is when you want to leave you base if you dont have enough supplies. If you have a bow kill skeletons as arrows will help greatly in the deathmatch. You will also want atleast a full set of iron and a iron/diamond sword. Walk around for any chests you can find. If you already have the supplies you need you can stay in your base or hunt down other players.

    -Dont waste your sprint! It will make it harder to heal!
    -Always make sure you have food!
    -The cornucopia is one of the best places to camp out at, but it is also the most dangerous.
    -Make sure to find a base for the night!
    -Look out for traps!

    I hope this guide helps everyone who reads it! Sorry for any grammar errors!
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    Another tip is that if you don't want to come into contact with other players you can stay at the edge of the dome as many islands hold hidden chests with valuable things, you just need to look in the right place.
  4. i kind of said that in the guide.
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  5. with your tips your not gonna get maxed out like you can with these.
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  6. What do you mean by "maxed out" and thats not the point, there is already a thread on it; post your tips on that don't start a whole new thread.
  7. this is actuly a guide. not just tips. if you notice how many points do you have? you have like 0, i have 300.
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  8. The tips can form a guide, also ever hear of points reset? Also I was in the match you were just in? Who survived longer? Me. I use my tips that I shared to win the game. Also you still aren't getting to the point; like I said before "there is already a thread on it; post your tips on that don't start a whole new thread."

    EDIT/UPDATE: I'm also still playing in that match, just waiting for good ole night to pass.
  9. YET your tips arnt very good. with your tips someone wont make it past the deathmatch. my tips have both options. and are much better.
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  10. Isn't that the point of the game? To get to the deathmatch and win? lol
  11. ya but you just showed you were a pussy pissed everyoneoff and lost.
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  12. First of all please don't call anyone a "p***y*" that is a bad word and it makes a lot of people feel bad. Second of all it was a tie, I unfortunately couldn't win with the tactic I used, hit and run. And last time time I checked, you didn't even make it into the top 5 that match so you shouldn't be talking...
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