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Our new deathmatch, your thoughts!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by ChadTheDJ, Jul 19, 2012.


Do you like this new setup?

  1. Yes (Please explain below)

    116 vote(s)
  2. No (Please explain below)

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  1. ChadTheDJ

    Staff Member


    It seems people have been majority loving the new way we end the games as we just modified some parts of the game to make it. We have been hearing out our members based on how long the games were lasting, so we set up a new DM with a new timer system that seems to be majority in favor:

    24 Tribute Games:
    20 minutes long
    Deathmatch triggers at 3 tributes remaining and lasts 5 minutes.

    48 Tribute Games:
    40 minutes long
    Deathmatch triggers at 6 tributes remaining and lasts 5 minutes.

    120 Tribute Games:
    60 minutes long
    Deathmatch triggers at 12 tributes remaining and lasts 5 minutes.

    The new sand system helps to make sure we will always have a winner because we saw based on peoples complaints. What tributes do at the end is they will run and run in circles so you will never catch them. Thus making a game impossible to run as ruins it for the players. However, with this new DM, we are noticing people are experiencing more client related lag. Do you like this system? Share your thoughts below.

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  2. Google Administrator

  3. i honestly think the game lengths for the 24 servers are too short. it makes for large death matches, in which are crawling with hackers. i like the arena, but the setup is not to my liking. i'm going to have to vote no.
  4. ChadTheDJ

    Staff Member

    Having games lasting a long time was our number 1 complaint we have been seeing. Yes we had everything as an hour but it seems within the first 15 minutes, more then 50% of the people are already eliminated.
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  5. Although I love the new deathmatch, I think you should set it back to 1 hour for 24 servers. It is too small a time to have any fun in this game. I am going to have to say, no.
  6. the complaints were from people who didnt like man hunting down in maps... the short time thing makes games worse, because there is only 1 chest refill :|. again, its too short.
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  7. ChadTheDJ

    Staff Member

    Yeah I can see that being in issue with the 24 slots on only having the chests refill once, but it seems an hour was a little too much? Possibly there is another sweet spot in times we can find that has a good balance.
  8. I honestly think that the 24 player games are way too short. They need to be at least 40mins. I love the arena and think it's super nice but it lags way too much for me and I can't really fight at all :(
  9. Sorry, but i totally disagree with you. The shortness adds excitement and specs and the lead players wont have to wait so long. Its good Chad!
  10. I think 20 minutes is kind of short. I mean, people don't have much freedom and time to set things up and go to their chest routes and explore while figuring out puzzles. I think at least 30-40 minutes is good enough. I do like the new deathmatch though.
  11. i love the new system. it keeps the rounds nice and short. (as a side note, i hate how the servers restart after every round! you should make it restart every 5 rounds. i liked it with no restarts best but i know you cant do that so at least do this.)

    i vote yes! but make the 24 player 30 min please.
    and i agree with rae
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  12. i like it, but maybe a 30 minute game? i still vote yes. it gives a chance to the underdog.
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  13. I like the sand falling trap concept, It gets annoying when I'm in the last three, and I have to chase a guy with leather armor- Meanwhile, a guy with the same equipment is running behind me and killing me. Hopefully this gets rid of that.
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