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Random location of chests

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by XPxanderXP, May 23, 2012.

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  1. Hello,

    well I got an idea but I don't know if it's good or not. In my opinion it is but I am curious what everyone else thinks. So here it is:

    Isn't it better to make the location of chests differently every match? That makes it actually any use to explore the big fancy maps that are created. I assume people have put great effort in the maps but it's not worthy to actually explore them. You can easily find all the good stuff in middle of the map where teams camp. If you do not reach this chests you will die anyways if you make it into the deathmatch. So basicly it is reaching the chests in the middle or die trying. Wich I find very unfair and not fun at all.

    In my opinion it's better to make the chests that you actually have to put allot of effort in (like climbing large buildings) give you a reward. Not like the current system where you are climbing a building to only find some useless junk in it. If the chests are located randomly it would be much more exciting to explore the map and make it more equal for the players. The players with the most experience know exactly where all the chests are and that doesn't give someone that just started or that is playing solo a fair chance of actually winning the game because they cannot acquire the chests. Left alone the chests in the spawn that contain anything good.

    None of chests that you can acquire outside of the spawn contain any good items. The nearest to the spawn are the best chest but far away from the spawn the map is just so exciting to be in but it doesn't give you any good reason to be there as I have stated above.

    So my idea in short: Randomize locations of chests and make them actually contain good items outside of the spawn.

    I also got an idea to make it work though. Not that I am very experience in making spawns and such. When I was a spectator I could clearly see the use of Worldedit or a mod alike to create the map (the city map at least) so I was thinking. I don't think it's possible to make chests spawn randomly but I do think it's possible to copy the whole map, place the chests at other locations and do this 5 or 6 times for each map. This way there are at least 5 or 6 versions of the map that include other chest locations because you can probably code the use of each map randomly. With use of the same mod that was used to create the maps this could be done easily by copying the map and pasting it somewhere far away from the others to make it not lag. Like it's done in the lobby map and the actually gaming maps.

    There are sure people not agreeing with me on this but could you please give some nice feedback in stead of flaming. That would be nice. I wonder what everyone thinks of this.
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  3. I was thinking this before but I don't really think it would solve the problem, once you have basic map knowledge you give yourself routes (at least this is how I do it and I'm sure others do), all this would do is make you route longer if that makes any sense?

    Like on your 100 block route there's 4 chests, but now there's a chance their not going to be there, so your route becomes 300-400 blocks long

    Basically, after the first few days of implementing this, it would be come in-effective
  4. More maps -- more problems.
  5. More maps would not be good.
    But 12 chests scattered around, with only 4 of them not empty (randomly chosen) would engage a little luck in the game...
    But I see the point of the longer routes AverageLoz is pointing to... longer routes = longer games I assume, but... yeah but I don't see that as a too bad thing, in regard of having the potential of players perfectly knowing the map having some bad luck sometimes and dont find anything in the chests they usually go to...

    Could be cool, but have to be carefully balanced... maybe smaller maps, to reduce the distance people have to travel to find the chests (even if many of them are empty ^^)
  6. A Randomiser that would change the locations, would soon be memorised no matter how many postions are set, people would just find the chests and memorise like they do with all the chests
  7. Of course, but by doing that you'll never know where they are right at the first seconds on the game... So not everyone would just run to the same destination, since it would be a chance there could be nothing there.
    Would force people to search for more chests, since if they find one empty, they'll probably think it was empty at the start of the game and that they need to go where other chests are...
    Could force people to move a little more...?
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