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Titanic survival games map.

Discussion in 'Map Archive' started by Dojomofo, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. 2013-02-26_22.46.35.png Im making a minecraft survival games map witch includes the old british ship "Titanic". This map includes only titanic but you can still swim in the sea and enter the ship from the hole were the gigantic iceberg that the ship hit. This map also includes elevators and traps. It is pretty little, but it has many floors and rooms ! plz reply and tell me what you think :D

    Any builders out there ready to help ?

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  2. Google Administrator

  3. Try to make it open in some parts, not just close quarters.
  4. what do u mean ?
  5. Well noone likes a map where u feel too cramped, so try to make open spaces, or hotspots, where people can run around and fight.
  6. I like this idea! I think though that you should make sure to put a smaller dome around the map so that there's some water fighting...but not too much.
  7. the gigantic iceberg for an eaxample..... pretty good idea :D thanks for the feedback :)
  8. i thought that to :)
  9. I love the idea but I think the only part that bothers me is the size, looking at the screens it just seems too small. The real titanic was 270 meters long! Where in minecraft, each block represents 1 meter. Also, it was just about 30 meters top to bottom! Just imagine the immense decks you would be able to fight on, all of the rooms, so massive! I'm just really picky with scale though, it looks pretty cool! Also, I like the idea about the iceberg. Maybe some lifeboats already in the water. Could be really cool.
  10. This is a really good map. Although a boat might not be the best for mcsg. I recommend submitting it to somewhere like TIMV or something lik that
  11. Needs to be bigger :I
  12. thanks for the tip im gonna make it longer now. my ship was only 173 meters long
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  13. it has many decks with big spaces.

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