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US MySQL going down, may cause in-game errors

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by clankstar, Jul 16, 2012.

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  1. clankstar

    clankstar Guest

    UPDATE: Update done, everything is fine again.

    We have to take our US MySQL server because of a major security issue. Statistiscs will NOT be updated when the server is down and new games WON'T start.
  2. Google Administrator

  3. Wait so the games I just won like 45 mins ago will not save on my records or will I just not see them until the MySQL is fixed?
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  4. clankstar

    clankstar Guest

    Only games that are played at this exact moment will be affected, your win is saved fine.
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  5. Thanks clank <3 #ThankClank
  6. Oh my gosh, when I saw my points go to 100 from my 500-something because of this error, I freaked out. Dx I thought I'd lose those points forever. Thanks for letting us know about this. Hope this gets fixed soon. I want to get more bounty on myself. c:
  7. I just recently played a game, Probably my best game and went up about 130 points. And... Next lobby i see i have 100 points, Did it get the records for my past win?​
  8. So just to make this simple, When the plugin is updated and put back, I will regain my Records. (22 wins, 1207 bounty, rank 100 or so.
    Thanks alot! Travis007
  9. hey i dont know how to play and get on a sever
  10. bob5760 to join a server start with this. If you are in the US or Europe or Austrailia. Choose (US, EU orAU)
    Choose the one you are in and put a number 1-30 for the US and EU. Or do a number AU 1-7. Then after that put .mcsg.in after it so the finish Ip address should look like this. (us1.mcsg.in.) Or (eu1.mcsg.in) Or (au1.mcsg.in) If you want to join a different server just change the number.
  11. were do u put it in
  12. i dont have the real game i got it hacked
  13. Well I dont have a hacked version of the game sorry your out of luck these servers from what I know do not support faked minecraft accounts
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